What to GIVE your mom for Mother's Day?

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  1. So... it's only 14 more days to Mother's Day. :nuts: What are you getting your mom, bf's mom, MIL, etc. for this big day?

    Any creative ideas besides the o' fashion flowers and gift baskets? :wlae:
  2. I was going to get my mom an LV wallet for Mother's Day but I think I am going to go with a gift card for a round of golf, flowers, and brunch or dinner.

    I am making DH figure out MIL this year because we're not really on speaking terms.
  3. I think Im getting my mom flowers and a candle because she lovees candles
  4. I'm giving my mom flowers because she love roses. However, I'm having a headache thinking about what to give to bf's mom. She owns a floral shop so I can't really give her flowers. The last time I gave her flowers, she rearranged the entire flower arrangement herself! :roflmfao:
  5. My mom - probably buy some clothes that she wants..
    BF's mom, probably some flowers and candles ... because she just passed away last yr... and its our first time to celebrate bf 's mom's day w/o her.. :sad: sighhhh
  6. For the past 3 years we've been sending my mother to the Spa (my sister and I). She is so spoiled now and expects it. I enjoy treating her because she's such a wonderful woman and God knows she deserves it. We get her the works. She will go on this Saturday and she's already excited. She lives in a different state from me so my older sister always takes her and gets lots of photos for me and sends them to me online...lol. Priceless! BTW..my mother is 74---looks 50 or younger and thinks she's 16...so it's so much fun!
  7. I don't buy gifts for Mum, we just bring her out for a simple dinner. Irissy, do you think your BF's mum would like any of these gifts?

    jennifermorrisdesigns - intricate beadwork


    CreativeArtandSoul - floral etched oval glass vase



    Pendants from:







    photoglassworks - necklace












  8. I might send my mom something from L'Occitane its easier to buy online and have them send it, she's in Holland, than for me to buy something here and ship it. I can get more for my money. *nods

    I think for MIL DH and I are giving her money to contribute to some patio furniture she wants.
  9. This year my 2 brothers and I are getting my mom a digital camera. Shockingly, she has never owned one and the past couple months has mentioned repeatedly that she'd like one.

    For my BF's mom, I don't personally buy her gifts but I usually end up picking out what my bf should give her. This year I might let him do it on his own since I don't
    like it to look like I've totally taken over picking out the gifts he gives them. He'll probably end up just sending flowers.
  10. My mom loves her flower beds and she loves pigs, so I'm giving her a pig garden statue that we saw together a few weeks ago and she liked.
  11. More gift suggestions:

    Analiese - mother and child pendant



    providenceartglass - glass heart paperweight



    creationsinglass - stained glass suncatcher



    dragonflies - tile coasters



    Creativespirit - handpainted candle holder



    ivcreations55 - teapot earrings (for the tea-lover)



    handpaintedloveboxes - trinket box



    redotter - gypsy journal


  12. MIL: flowers for her garden (she LOVES to garden), bath, body and house products from her favorite line in the UK.

    My mother: not a damn thing. She is not a part of my life.
  13. Gift certificates to a spa for a facial and a massage~! I was thinking about paying for a mother-daughter day kinda thing (LOL I need pampering too!) but our schedules didn't really work out. Yup, I tell her what she's going to get ahead of time cuz she likes it better that way LOL.
  14. My mom wants anti-wrinkle cream...lol...i'm serious :yes: