What to give to Brother

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  1. My brother is dying to get a new wallet. I was wondering what brands do you guys recommend? By the way he is just 13, he wants a simple, yet elegant looking. He currently has a Ralph Lauren. Thank you :love:
  2. I love Paul Smith wallets. I personally love the black wallet with a tiny pinup girl in the corner printed on the leather. Its a few seasons old, but they might have it on ebay. Some are awful, but a lot are fun with just a touch of color to make it look funky.
  3. Tumi wallets are simple and elegant looking.
  4. If he wants something really classic and timeless, you could always go for a Smythson wallet. They're really durable and very well made. I have a personal/business card holder as well as several leather covered books from them and it's gorgeous.
  5. i like the small leather goods from hugo boss. that's what i bought my brother for x-mas.
  6. i brought my brother a prada one for christmas, granted he is 21, but they do loads and they really would last so he can enjoy it for ages, or untill he is 21 and you want to buy him another! hehe