What to give.. plz

  1. A friend of mine is having a batism for your new daughter. I have never been to one and I am so clueless what to give for a present. What do people give? Is cash the best way to go and how much is appropriate or is a gift better for this occasion. I don't want to spend $$$ since she's not my close friend. Your thoughts are appreciated;)
  2. I think baby blankets are always welcome (what with the spitting up, etc etc). I would suggest a cute diaper bag but the cuter ones are a little more expensive and idk what your price range is. This bear from Coach is a little generic but very cute, appropriate (esp if you are not very close) and affordable and she'll love it more bc it's a Coach bear!

    Safari quilt from babyGap, $88 http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=14365&pid=346986

    and Coach bear, $58

    anyone else? I've never been to a baptism either but I would hate the idea of receiving cash. I'd rather have the presence of my friend than anything else, and I'm sure she'll love whatever you choose. Have great time!
  3. I still have a couple different things I received as gifts at my baptism. I have a cross necklace and also a really nice cross that can be hung on a wall and some religious pictures. Also a prayer book or a bible would be a good idea!! Here’s a site that might help you out! Hope this helps!!

  4. I agree with the ideas of gifts that will last a long time...ie beyond money

    my thinking is you want something of siginificance to mark or record the day which i think you can do for a minimal amount of money
    as with jewelry or soemthing similar- keep in mind jewelry for a child is less elaborate and expensive in comparison to adult jewelry
  5. Those Coach bears are the CUTEST THINGS EVER :love: I want one for myself now :lol:

    And hummm.. I've never been to a baptism before, I really wouldn't know what to get.... sorry :shame: I'll ask my mom when she comes back later on today, maybe she'll know :P
  6. hmm is she having a party? at my baptisms people usually give cash. If she is having a party at a hall or resturant people usually give more. If you are just giving her daughter a present,you can get her maybe a cute baby outfit or a gift card..that coach bear is a really cute!!! that would be a good gift.
  7. My family usually gives money along with a gift... I understand that money can seem impersonal, but, at least in my family... the money is put in a savings account for the baby...

    My mom's recent thing to give is Tooth Fairy boxes... they come in a variety of prices and designs, but they're sort of like this:

    Amazon.com: Tooth Fairy Box: Baby
    or this is a Yurman one...but def on the pricier side:
    David Yurman - Frog Tooth Box
  8. Well, they're having lunch at a restaurant after the christening. Thanks for everybodys tips and many links. I truely appreciate it:yes:
  9. A music box or a gold cross is why my friend is giving her goddaughter.
  10. btw, how old is the kid? i'm just asking coz i have seen some older kids (7 or older) who were being baptized yet in my country, u get baptized before ur 1st bday so just wanna make sure the child's age..
  11. In my family, we always give cash. If you aren't very close to the family, $25 to $50 is fine. You might also want to consider a savings bond.