What to get?


What should I get?

  1. Red & Yellow Groom Bandeaus $210

  2. Grom Cles $200

  3. Historique Scarf $185

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  1. I'm going to Hawaii this Saturday :yahoo: And there happens to be a Louis just walking distance away :tender: I want something small (need to save for new bag around christmas :devil: ) and have narrowed it down to a few options. So what should I get?
    GROOM-BANDEAU-ROUGE-10.jpg Grrom Cles $200.jpg Historique $185.jpg
  2. Groom Cles! I like mine.
  3. go for the Bandeau if not then totally the Cles
  4. get the cles!! it's so cute and you can use it as a charm...so useful!!!
  5. My first choice would be the Historique Scarf - I think that looks very nice! :yes:

    Second choice would be the Red and Yellow Bandeau.
  6. Cles.
  7. Grrrroooom...Grrrooommm Cles!:smile: Have a wonderful time in Hawaii. Aloha!:rochard:
  8. I voted for the cles. I just LOVE them!
  9. The cles!
  10. Def Groom Cles
  11. What's the tax rate in Hawaii?
  12. i'd go for the cles
  13. groom cles! are you going to the one in waikiki? maybe you should buy a bag here I think it's still a little cheaper than the mainland.

    tax is 4.16%
  14. I voted for the groom cles:love:
  15. ^ me too! :biggrin: