What to get...


Feb 22, 2008
Hello ya'll,
I read in a thread that at the LV at NM if u buy 500 dollars u get a 200 gift card. Well, couple questions for ya'll
1. Which NM sells LV? Can the sales lady order 4 me from the nm here even if we don't carry it. (I go to the one in Troy, MI)
2. What items to get?
I want a bandeau (I have the tivoli pm and want a little more flair with the bag) Which one should I get?
3. What else to get?
I plan to get Chanel shades with the 200.00 credit
I know I don't want a belt or jewelry.
I have been searchin eluxury but having sour luck,what to do???:confused1:


May 16, 2007
the nm at short hills carries lv, and i have a great sa to recommend to you if you are planning on getting anything, just pm me if you're interested! :smile: just so you know tho the 200 gc might not be apply to sunglasses (very specific depts inlcuded - handbags, contemporary, shoes, designers) and has to be used by THIS saturday. i'm not sure how that would work with a phone order... the watercolor bandeau is lovely, as are cleses, etc...
good luck! :smile: