What to get?

  1. My 13 Birthday is in 5 days and I dont know what to ask my parents for as a present!!! What do you suggest? It needs to be $300 or less. I was looking at one of the purses that is made out of a kind of jean looking material, thought those were cute :nuts:
  2. i think a swinpack is good for ur age. i have 300 for my bday too and m looking at maybe the small ergo
  3. I was looking at the denim swingpack! I thought that was very cute.
  4. or maybe a wrislet;)
  5. denim swingpack is really cute- w matching mini skinny, plus it goes w anything! happy bday btw
  6. double post! See below!!
  7. What kind of purses do you like? Do you tend to carry smaller bags? These are cute and are what I'd get for my teenage daughter:


    and this:


    Or I like these from the bleeker collection (I love chocolate siggie!):


  8. I second the Signature Stripe Denim Hobo... I just picked one up at Macys for 30% off too.
  9. :yes: Yup, me too! I think that is a perfect bag for a 13yr old. Very cute.
  10. Wow! Great deal!!
  11. I also like these.....
    Sig. Hobo w/ black leather trim....$198
    Small Carly w/ blue leather trim....$178
    Small Carly w/ gold leather trim.....$178

    And if you get a smaller bag like this, you can maybe get a mini skinny or wristlet to go w/ your new bag!
  12. Here are some matching wristlets and mini skinnys!

    Bleeker sig. wristlet......$48

    Legacy stripe wristlet.........$68
  13. Oh, the Carly's are so cute too!! Let us know what you get, burberry4me! And Happy Birthday!
  14. I love this because it's pink and oooo soooo cute!!!! Good luck choosing and Happy Birthday!
  15. Thanks for your help everybody! I will post after my birthday.