what to get?

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  1. :smile: Hey, I just joined today

    I'm 15 years old so I really don't have like $500 to spend on a purse
    When I'm 16 & have a job I'll be able to buy more high quality purses :nuts:

    I was thinking of buying a Dooney & Bourke purse.
    I don't like the signature ones anymore and the new ones they have out with the stars, scribbles and such don't catch my interest. I, however, like this one:


    I would buy coach that's under $200. Such as the Coach Signature Demi Pouch, but in my opinion it is just too small. I do not want to wear a fake, I just would not feel comfortable. :blink:

    Any suggestions on what I should buy? Do you think that D&B purse I have up looks fake? Alot of people said that on a different forum.

    I should add that this would be my "first designer purse"
  2. I think the bag is age-appropriate. When you mentioned you were 15, I tried to recall what I was carrying then. By that time, I think I got my first Coach bag. It was a leather mahogany Janice bag. Amazingly, the bag is over 10 years old and still holding up well.

    As far as the D&B bag looking fake, I think the multicolor pattern makes people thing about the LV multicolor line. Since LV was the first to do it and D&B copied it, a lot of people may have boos for D&B for not being original. My advice: buy what you like and can afford.
  3. this is kinda cute at coach, for 168


    the only thing it is kinda only for the winter, don't think u can wear the in the summer...

    or how about this for 178?


    i'd rather go with coach than D&B...
  4. i'd suggest coach over D&B as well, my first designer bag was a coach that i still love. to save money, you might want to check an outlet if there's one near you. search premiumoutlets.com.
  5. I second the coach hobo 178
  6. I would also go for coach. I was just in the outlet yesterday as a matter of fact and found the white hobo for 99. At the outlet they had a bunch of nice stuff so cheap. For instance, the wallet ususally run 180 and up but at the outlet they ran about 49 and up.
  7. thanks everyone..
    baglady: thanks for clearing that up :smile: I really can't afford much.. and if your coach lasted for 10 years then I'd rather get coach if it's going to last that long.

    fayden: thanks, I really do like the first one but as you said, it's mainly for winter..

    amanda,serendipity and munchkyn: Thanks, I looked on the site but there isn't a coach outlet thats near me :sad:
  8. Actually, I have that D & B bag in black & I like it alot. (I'm waaay past 15, btw, lol). Good advice, though, buy whatever you like...it'll be you who has to look at it every day :smile:
  9. ZooMom: that's cool and you're right.. but I just don't want to regret buying it later. I would get the smaller coach ones but I just have wayy too much stuff :smile:
  10. If you buy from the retail store or coach store thats ok too just save your receipt and tags...if you ever decide to cell on ebay thats a plus. Make sure you become friendly with the sa's at coach if you buy there they will send you friends and family coupons for 25% off.
  11. Go for the Coach. I heard from a lady at the Bloomingdales counter that they are "phasing out" the D&B right now because they aren't that popular and aren't selling very well.

    Hope it helps! Have fun!!
  12. Welcome to the forum!!! Personally, I would get a Coach bag, but I agree with some of the others that you should get what you like, and the D&B is very age appropriate. At the same time, if you want your bag to last you a while, I wouldn't get that particular D&B pattern since it seems like a trend. I have to commend you for working-hard to buy your own handbag though. Let us know what you decide!
  13. I like the Coach bags pictured too, never been much of a Dooney fan, however I do like that you can actually trade your Dooney bags in :lol:
  14. Coach bags are lovely! And cute!!!
  15. I would go with Coach (like everyone else has said). They are timeless bags that will last you a long time. And for $500 you can get something great.

    Make sure you get a color that you can carry every season - and I would stay away from shearling, and fur. Also, keep in mind that light suede will be a ***** to keep clean.

    If you can keep it in your budget - get a matching wallet or wristlet. It will add a lot of charm to your bag.

    I like this bag: