What to get with $600CD

  1. I know so many people ask these questions but I just can't think of anything to get. I just returned a Burberry bag that I bought a couple weeks ago and now I have $600CD to spend and I thought why not spend it at LV!

    Here's what I already have:

    Mono Speedy 30
    Batignolles Horizontal
    Pochette Wallet
    Graffiti Pochette

    I don't want sunglasses or shoes (I just bought new ones).

    Any suggestions? :smile:
  2. How about a wallet to go with your bags? I love my french purse and it can double as a clutch for evenings out.
  3. how about something damier...like a damier speedy 30 or also a mini lin speedy 30?? I have both and love them;)
  4. Branching out to other lines like Damier, Vernis or Epi!:yes:
  5. Any particular line that you are interested in?
  6. What about something in vernis? Or some cute scarves and accessories?
  7. speedy 30 or the BH. :yes:
  8. well, you could either go for a bag purchase...like a damier speedy, or azur speedy or you could do accessories...how about an agenda in vernis, or mono w/pink lining. A wapity is always good to have.
  9. How about a bracelet, keychains, or organizer? Or you could get something in Azur.
  10. Hmmm...an agenda might be a nice addition to the collection!
  11. MC Koala Bracelet and Pomme Small Ring Agenda!
  12. A azur speedy 25.
  13. azur pochette for summer and a scarf to spruce up the bags you already have in your collecton.
  14. Azur speedy 25.
  15. I would get a wallet or keepall. Or save it and buy something bigger like, MC speedy or Cabas.