what to get?? tommorrow!!

  1. hi chanel gals:heart:
    going to london tommorrow and definetaly getting my self a new chanel:wlae: ...what is ur reccomendation?
    i already have a silver flap ...any suggestions?:graucho:
  2. what do you like?
    Hand or shoulder bags?
    Flaps or totes?

    I'd recommend a Luxe piece next:yes:
  3. How about a wallet?
  4. I am dying for the new cruise coco cabas. So . . . if you can find that, I would snatch it up!:yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
  5. hmmmm....goooooooood suggestions..
    thanx girls...:yes:
    i was thinking about the coco cabas but im afraid its a little bet big for my size ..:s
    im not a big bag girl..

    any more suggestions girls??
    come on u must have seen something special..:graucho:
    give em to me..

  6. You are soooo lucky!! I love London!!! I think you should get something super new and different that virtually nobody will have over here ...get a patent leather timeless classic in like black or white..those are soooo beautiful!!!
  7. east west bag or baby coco cabas :kiss:
  8. get the dark silver 2.55 reissue...absolultey GORGEOUS!!!!!!!
  9. baby cabas khaki!!
  10. the new reissues are TDF ..
  11. Can you just walk into a store and buy the khaki baby cabas? Anyway, I also vote for something really unique if you're going on vacation!
  12. hi girls
    thanx for ur suggestions..but i
    didnt go today...i'll probably go on wednesday..
    still thinking but i dont think that i'll get the cabas..its huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge..
    chloe...i did get the new reissu 255..in dark silver..
    do u think i should wait for valentines collection???
  13. soli .. the baby cabas is jussssst perfect ..

    im 159 and have the large one :biggrin:
  15. chloe

    i'll try the coco cabas in the boutique but im sure it will hide me behind it:Push:
    as does the spy...its so over powering(i did get the golden one:graucho: told u i went crazy in london:yahoo: ) but sadly,i dont think i look good with it:crybaby:

    i'll post pix as soon as i settle things here...still dont have a computer(this is my DH's):supacool: