What to get sis-in-law for her first LV?


Feb 4, 2007
same thought. with that budget neverfull will be perfect!

i thought of a wallet as an alternative... but i guess wallets are not showy enough as bags =)

and yeah, you are a great sis-in-law!!!!!! she can be really happy! not only you're buying her a designer bag, you also really care and think about it! =)
good luck on deciding!!! ;)[/QUOTE

a wallet would be a good idea...so many decisions!!! :smile:

i am trying to be a good sis in law...:sweatdrop:she and i are so different, but i think this could be something that we "bond" over! thanks for the encouragement!
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Sep 26, 2007
i think the speedy is a classic first LV bag, but if she only carries bags w/ shoulder straps, the neverfull would be the way to go. I tried both the PM and the MM - the MM seemed to big (for me) to be an everyday bag and the PM was just right (again, for me). The only thing i didn't like about the PM was that the shoulder straps weren't long enough. I could put it over my shoulder, but if i was wearing a coat, it def. wouldn't fit. That's why I didn't get it - i didn't like the way it looked on the crook of my arm. But if they come out with a damier azur neverfull i'm def. getting it for the summer!

oh yeah... i'm 5'3'' if that helps at all.