What to get sis-in-law for her first LV?

  1. Hi tPF friends!
    I am normally not so unsure of my gift-choosing skills, but I am stumped...Here is the deal.

    I want to get my sister in law her first LV as a combined Christmas and 21st bday present. She has never owned a designer bag, and I think it would be great for it to come from me (as the family addict...:smile:) the problem is that I have no idea what to do. She is 5'2"?? and medium framed. I thought about a speedy 25, but I am worried that she would want a shoulder strap. I think the traditional brown monogram is the way to go, but as far as style, I am at a loss. I also dont want to spend more than $600 if possible. I know this limits most styles; however, I am not above having one authenticated from eBay for less.

    I need you LV experts to help! She is really picky (and vocal about her opinions)...I also dont want to waste several hundred dollars! Thanks in advance!
  2. What about a Neverfull? It's a shoulder bag and a great first LV! That's really sweet of you, btw!
  3. you read my mind kimalee! i think a neverfull would be cute on her...but what size? pm or mm? do both go over the shoulder? Thanks!
  4. I thought the same thing. If not a speedy a neverfull would be a great first bag. But I bet she'd learn (quickly) to love the speedy.
  5. so true about the speedy! its my favorite...maybe i should go with the classic and make her learn? :smile:
  6. I prefer the MM...I'm small, and it's the perfect size on me. The PM is really tiny!
  7. I was going to suggest the speedy too, but if she prefers a shoulder bag then I concur with kimalee about the neverfull mm :tup:
    Very nice of you btw to give your SIL her first designer bag!
  8. I agree with all of the above - a speedy is a fab first bag, im 5'2 and i got the speedy 25 as my first its a great size.

    The neverfull MM is also a great size :biggrin:
  9. I agree with what everyone else is saying... A Neverfull MM

    You are a GREAT sis-in-law!!!!
  10. i was thinking neverfull too :smile:
  11. IMO neverfull MM will make her smile up to the ears... So sweet of you buying present for SIL.
    I used to buy my SIL presents too, perfume,clothes, etc etc but she never appreciated it and what I get is critiscm. I stopped buying for her. ( Sorry out of topic!)
  12. same thought. with that budget neverfull will be perfect!

    i thought of a wallet as an alternative... but i guess wallets are not showy enough as bags =)

    and yeah, you are a great sis-in-law!!!!!! she can be really happy! not only you're buying her a designer bag, you also really care and think about it! =)
    good luck on deciding!!! ;)
  13. Another vote for the Neverfull MM:tup:
  14. Can you take her shopping with you to look at bags for "yourself" and while you are there ask her opinions on what SHE feels comfortable with, what SHE likes. Then you would know. I think it is really hard buying a bag for another person. I mean you can get her a bag and she might not like it but feels obligated to use it all the time. Hubby has known to let me give him the list of bags I like and not pick one out himself.
    You can also give her a gift certificate and take her shopping. Some people like big bags, others like smaller ones. Some like zippers versus open bags. Some love carry bags others love shoulder bags---so to me that is a very hard decision. Is there a favorite style bag she carries all the time that can give you a idea of what she likes?
    Good luck, this is a gift that she will cherish for years.
  15. that is all so true...good idea! the one she carries now is similar to a neverfull but much smaller. the only thing i worry about with a neverfull is that there is no zipper. it is such a cute bag though! she never changes bags either, so would be so great for her to have a classic lv.

    i def dont want to get her a bag that she feels obligated to use. like some of the other gals in here have voiced, she is opinionated and i would be crushed to spend $600 on her for her not to like it. I just think that every female should have a nice handbag. maybe i should somehow get her into lv just to play.