what to get next

  1. i am trying to decide what to get at lv today or if i should hold off...

    i have 2 wallets, 2 cles, a makeup case, an agenda. i don't really need anything.... i would like a new bag but i don't really have enough for a good one. i suppose i could get something small but if i'm going to get a bag i think i want a really nice, useful bag, kwim?

    so is there something i'm not thinking of? i could really use something to keep my business cards in but every time i look i don't find anything big enough.

    i have about 400something right now to put to whatever i buy...

    ideas welcome.

    also does anyone own an illovo and if so is it useful?
  2. my mom has the illovo and she loves it..uses it everyday :yes:
  3. is it tiny?
  4. she has the bigger one
  5. Does it have to be new, or can it be used?
  6. multicles in pomme d'amour and a mini pochette if you like accessories.
  7. well i want to use my gcs but i'm open to anything. i really want a new bag but i don't have enough..
  8. no? mini hl? mini pochette? what else is in that range? ah, go to elux and whenyou go to LV click on a price range, maybe that will inspire you!
  9. maybe try one of the clutches that you can either use as a handheld or use the strap for a shoulder purse too.

    If not, then I would hold off until you have enough $ for a real bag.
  10. I would wait then, it sounds like you really want a bag, but are just impatient (like we all are, when it comes to LV)....400, is a good chunk on your way.
  11. perhaps something inclusion.. if you want another accessory?
  12. Yup, save up for a bag. Do the gcs have an expiry date?
  13. Save for a bag. It will be fun when you have enough for a purse. Just a suggestion.
  14. well since i've already held on to 2 of the gcs for over a year- what was i thinking?- they lose 2 dollars a month for every month i don't use them from now on.... sniffle.