What to get next?

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  1. I really want to get something nice for myself. But i don't know what, well, i know what but its hard to decide which one i want more! lol.

    Should i get a:
    1. Dior Romantique Grey Handbag (~800 bucks) but it might go to outlet in a year or two BUT i might miss it when it hits the shelves. LOL
    2. LV Damier Ribera MM (~850) but its USED and from eBay.
    3. David Yurman or Jen Meyer Ring (~600)
    4. Damier Azur Med Agenda or Vernis small agenda

    So basically i have to decide between pretty (but hard to kep clean) handbag, big useful easy to keep clean but used handbag, jewelry, or agenda (which i need... so i need to decide if i do lv or just go to barnes n nobles for one which is so much more practical....)
  2. pics to help
    DIORgreytrottertomant780.jpg LVdamierriberamm1080.jpg YURMANpetitelabionring590.jpg LVazursmallagenda275.jpg LVvernissmallagenda320.jpg
  3. Dior Romantique handbag! I'm an LV-addict but loving that Dior!
  4. If you do need an agenda then that's what I'd get.
    I really like the vernis one. :heart:
  5. I would get the Damier bag and get a cheap agenda. I think you will get so much more use out of the bag...and it's worth its money IMHO.
  6. I'd go for the David Yurman ring, i have the slightly bigger version in Lemon Ice and llooovvee it.
  7. On the David Yurman website the rings only come in sizes 6 and 7, do they also sell other sizes? like.. say.. 4.5?
  8. oh and i guess someone saw the ribera on eBay b/c they bought it.. =(