What to get next.. I need your advice


Aug 15, 2006
I just got my Christmas bonus from work and I am thinking about getting either a Damier 30 speedy, Mini Lin 30 Speedy or a panda pouchette (if I can still find one in the stores) Any other suggestions would be appreciated (I already have in my collection a mono 30 speedy, montsouris backpack, MC white trouville, Black MC noe, pouchette florentine, white MC agenda that I use as a wallet and a 26 size makeup case)
I guess my concerns with them are:
damier- possible bleeding issues
mini lin- too similar to mono 30, durability of fabric
pouchette- cute, but would need extender to use.
Thanks for your help and have a great holiday and happy new year to all of you.
of the 3, i like the Damier Speedy. it's more durable than the Mini Lin, and it looks so classy. if it bleeds, you can always buy a red Purseket and put it in the bag, so that it bleeds onto the Purseket and it won't be noticeably anyway. i never knew if mine bled because i've always had a red Purseket in it, so it might have bled onto it.
I vote for the Damier Speedy 30!!!! I got mine back in July and LOVE it!! Was nice addition to my mono pieces. As for the bleeding issue, I've never, ever noticed it with mine. Good luck, dont'cha just hate choosing ?!?! Let us know what you decide!!!
damier speedy all the way! It's my one and only lv bag and I just adore it! I'm not really a fan of the min lin or mini lin not sure what it's called, I don't go for fabric type bags. The panda pochette is very cool too, but it's more of an evening going out bag, so really you just have to ask yourself what your collection and needs are at this moment, evening/party bag vs. everyday bag. Have fun shopping!
I am not a damier girl.......I have no idea why - it's nice but has never struck me as something I "have" to get. I would go for the mini lin...so cute.
I would sugguest the damier speedy but the panda pochette was limited edition from 2004 and several were shipped to the US recently, you can call 1-800-VUITTON and order one if you are interested (I just did this yesterday so indeed there are still a few out there). So if you really desire the panda I would suggest that get that first & then get the damier speedy.