What to get next??? BH? Popincourt Haut? Manahattan PM??

  1. before im put on a ban till Sept of this year to fund my husband & i's church wedding :sweatdrop:
    i need all of your help to pick a bag that'll keep me sane till then, im looking for a roomy, comfortable & stylish bag im not quite sure which one to pick... theyre all on my wishlist i just cant decide which one to get 1st????

    help??? :shame:

    Thanks in advance ladies!
  2. Of the 2 choices in the title I say Manhattan PM
  3. ^^Agreed!! :drool:
  4. I am going to say one not on your list (is that okay?) - the Lockit Horizontal. I think that is a great bag for daily use and a great bag to carry all sorts of stuff in for summer, winter and beyond. I am a June bride this year and that is my next bag!!

    Good luck!

    I feel your pain about the ban!! I am going to be on one (should be on one)!!
  5. i think manhattan looks more stunning, i'll drool on it longer if i have it :p.
    personally i think bv is good if u need the size and popincourt is good for the zip top. both are more practical bags that i love :blush:
  6. My vote is for the BH.
  7. with the BH, you probably get the most bang for your buck, especially since the price recently decreased to $710. i have a BH, and it is a great shoulder tote and fits a lot. the only thing i don't like is that it kinda looks wide on me... but at the time, i thought i preferred the BH over the BV. it's still a nice bag, though, and i always got compliments on it.

    i will be getting a PH next month... i think that's going to be my new 'everyday' bag. i love the size and shape of this bag, plus it doesn't look too big or too small on me. out of the three choices, however, i like the manhattan pm the most. it is such a beautiful and classy bag, but i just can't afford it yet. i hope to add that to my collection later this year, though.

    i think you should get the manhattan pm, though i really don't think you can go wrong with any of the choices.
  8. MANHATTAN PM! or...get both the BH and PH! :biggrin:
  9. I say Manhattan PM is you want a hand bag. BH for shoulder bag. BH is the most roomiest, comfortable, and affordable. Good luck with any of the choices.
  10. Manhattan!!!:drool:
  11. I have to choose the popincourt! I think it is very classy!
  12. I have to say the Manhattan! I think it looks more stunning! Good luck deciding, and please post modeling pics when you get it!
  13. Go for the BH for practical use and its cheaper too..
  14. manhattan :smile:
  15. Manhattan!!!