What to get my sister from Tiffany's?

  1. It's my sister's first year at college and her birthday is coming up. I want to get her something nice, classic, and appropriate for her age. She's still in that teen, mini skirt state-of-mind so I'm wondering what would be best. I was thinking possibly a Return to Tiffany's bracelet, but I'm worried that she might "grow out of it" too soon. Maybe something from the Tiffany's Hearts?
  2. Oh, and my budget is about $250.
  3. How about the Return to Tiffanys oval necklace? She will NEVER grow out of that.
  4. Another view..
  5. Yeah, I agree. That seems more mature than one of the bracelets.
  6. What about a ring or one of the elsa pendant necklaces? those are in the mid, late one hundreds. Like the open tear drop or the starfish? I like the tiffany hearts idea as well.
  7. you're so sweet to get your sister a gift......my current personal tiffany silver favorites are this elsa peretti bean necklace which looks super cute on all ages ($165)


    and this frank gehry torque necklace ($250) which might not look like much online but looks great on...it has a lot of dimension to it and this girl i know who's about your sister's age wears it everyday and it looks amazing on her

  8. I agree with JC the bean necklace is super cute! I have the return to tiffany bracelet that you mentioned and although I love it (as I love anything from that store) I have out grown it and I rarely wear it anymore.
  9. I just purchased a Return To Tifany bracelet this weekend and I am 34, so I don't feel that it is something that she would outgrow anytime soon, but I suppose that it may be a matter of opinion (?).
  10. The Frank Ghery and elsa peretti lines have more of a more mature design to them. Like an older appeal. IMO
  11. Thanks all! I think I may go with the Elsa Peretti bean necklace and then maybe get her something smaller from Arden B. or Coach. Thanks for the advice!
  12. If she had pierced ears I would get her the silver cushion hoops.
    Hoops are always in style and these ones are a little bit young and funky but still elegant.
    They are $330 I think.
  13. I prefer the gold pieces for the Beans. They are solid (not hollow) and do not tarnish. There is also a platinum version if u like the silver color. And the prices for the gold beans are not that high. They will last forever. Personally I find the mini-bean more subtle and more suitable for everyday wear.

    I personally do not enjoy finding my jewelleries turning grey and I also feel the markup for the silver pieces is ridiculous.
  14. Actually, the silver bean is in the 900s. The black lacquer one is $195 I believe..
  15. I love the elsa peretti bean necklace..I dont think she could ever grow out of that. its simple, elegant.