What To Get My Bestfriend For Her 16th Birthday For Around $175

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  1. I need help thinking of something to get my bestfriend for her 16th birthday and I was thinking of spending around $175 give or take. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

    P.S. Preferably non-clothing items and nothing from tiffanys

    P.P.S. is it wierd to see 16 year olds lurking around tPF?
  2. You should know your BF!

    What is she into?
  3. Yeah, first we have to know what she's into? Does she like sports? purses?

    My girls always get me accessories from my favorite stores (ie: Coach) because they know I'll love it. It's a lot safer than getting me clothing! :biggrin:
  4. She's into purses and jewelry. She's a girly girl.
  5. Get her a coach purse its a great gift for a 16 year old. She will love it :smile:
  6. oh I dont find it weird to see a 16 year old on tpf..I think its cool to have differnt age groups:heart:

  7. :yes: Maybe you can get like a Demi or a little Pouch.. those 2 fall roughly into the price range that you're looking to spend. :smile:
  8. How about a few COACH accessories, like maybe a mini skinny, a wristlet, and maybe a nice keychain!
  9. or some nice swarovski jewellery, for my 18th the other month my friends got me a swarovski tennis bracelet and it means so much to me... i went and lost it! i was so upset but i bought it back without telling them. but i think its a wonderful present
  10. what about a LV cles??
  11. Def. something coach..like a wristlet.
  12. Is she into music? :nuts:

    If she doesn't have one yet, I'd get her a hot pink iPod Nano or Shuffle :yes: You can even have those engraved with her name or "Best Friends" or whatever :p
  13. oo I think this a good suggestion too! :yes:
  14. what about a pearl necklace? or like a pearl pendant? for my sweet 16, my friends got me a very pretty white gold bracelet and roses.