What to get mom?

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  1. I think some of you know the Chanels i own - what do I get my mom for christmas? A reissue also? Or a classic flap? She is 64 and quite a prominent person amongst her peers in NY so i was thinking a Chanel since she entertains so much (mom was never into designers and frankly knows nothing about them) so i think she should have a classy evening bag ... but DH says to get her the classic ... any suggestions - BTW her wardrobe is very colorful - my heritage is Indian so she wears lots of sari's in silks and lots of ornate jewelry ...please help!!
  2. I think a black re-issue would be fabulous for her...
  3. is it weird i don't want to give her the same bags as i have?
  4. A medium classic flap with gold hardware would be great. The gold hardware will go with the jewlery very nicely.
  5. How about a black jumbo/medium classic flaps? And, yes with gold chain. It'll be great. Or, if your local store still has that double flaps medium classic, that'll be perfect. I have one but in silver. Here's the pic for that double flaps I was meant about.

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  6. It looks like this... on both sides (there is no front or back, both are the same). Sorry had to post it separately. Don't know why but it didn't work for these 2 files be posted together. Maybe the files are too big. Anyway, just give you an idea... Hope you'll find a perfect gift for your mom soon. Goodluck!

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  7. Classic flap would be nice, definitely with gold chain. I wouldn't want my mom and I to carry the same bag.
  8. that is the problem - i have one ...

    but it seems like the best choice
  9. I was thinking about something that would match with sari that she usually wears..

    and all that come to my mind was something that looks like LV epi black speedy or black (or white) Gucci boston bag..but I cant think something in chanel...hm..let me think again:P
  10. definately a black classic flap. sari is so beautiful and colorful so i think the black will look good with it....
  11. well since the sari's are all colors and ornate patterns - i don't want to take away from that so i think the classic flap is the way to go - with gold hardware so it matches all the jewelry she wears ... but i have one in caviar leather so i am going to get her the lambskin one ...