What to get (keepall or carryall)

  1. Hi there! As some of you may know, I'll be living in Russia until christmas. Of course, I will have a lot of luggage to take home and stuff, but I have decided to send everything home and rather take a small carry-on piece for stuff like my laptop and camera. However, here's the dilemma. Since my mono keepall 55 is too big for carry on now, I need something new. I'm thinking of getting (I either have to go to Moscow to get it or to have my parents buy it for me if we get a LV store in Norway before they come to visit me) a keepall 45, but the thing is that since I already have a 55 and is planning to get a MC keepall some time in the future (I can't afford it at this time) I don't know if I want to get another mono keepall. I have lately been thinking about the carryall, but I'm not sure, can somebody tell me the pros and cons, please? And most importantly, it is small enough to use as a carry-on after the new regulations?
  2. i like the keepall.....
  3. I like the carryall :yes:
  4. tough choice. if you are planning to get a MC keepall in the future then get the carryall. i have a keepall 55 that i have used as a carry-on. no problems as of yet. which ever you choose, it will still be a great purchase.
  5. Thanks!:flowers: I have decided to either check if I can still use my keepall after the new luggage regulations or try and get my hands on a carryall.
  6. Keepall 50 or 45 WITH shoulder strap, the extra money is worth it! u can still carry it by the handles if you want that "traditional Vuitton look"
  7. They both are nice, but there's a significant dimension difference. One is bigger than the other and one is more expensive. Go with your budget and get the one u have to for now.
  8. ITA the strap makes it so much easier to tote around.

    Of ourse if you like the style of the other you can always get a strap .
  9. i love the Carryall :nuts:! it's so much less common than the Keepall, and i don't like the shape of the Keepall anyway :hrmm: