What to get in Paris?!

  1. So, I have a big choice on my hands! Next month the BF and I will be doing our post-college graduation tour of Europe and we will be in Paris. That being said, I plan on getting something at the flagship store. I'm so excited, but I don't know what to get! I know I will have a few hundred dollars to play with so I'm torn! I really want a vernis piece so I was thinking of an agenda, but I do love the neverfull and BH. Any suggestions? Thank you! :yahoo:
  2. Yes- get an agenda! An Amarante and have it heatstamped! whoo hoo!! congrats!!!
  3. ^ i second that! Amarante will be out buy then and the colour is totally tdf !
  4. I also agree with above lol. Especially with the heatstamping, it'll look fab!
  5. ^--- it'll be extra extra special!!
  6. I agree too, because you will definitely be able to get it done there! Maybe they even have Eiffel Tower stamps??? That would be so great!