what to get? in need of opinions. pics!

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  1. im doing a little PCE planning and since i cannot afford every thing i want i have to make a choice...also ive heard that watercolor stripe stuff wont be included in the PCE, and that could change alot. im gonna try to beg an SA into giving me the discount on those items if i can. (any SA's in here think that'll be possible..?)



    so i could get the legacy, or the shoes and either one of the demis. what do you guys think?
  2. this is a toughy but i vote demi and shoes more for the money :biggrin: !!
  3. I'd go for the Legacy bag. It's timeless and classy and will last you a long time to come. You'll be able to use it for several seasons and it can be casual and dressy! Either way you go, they are all cute!
  4. I vote legacy, that's one classy bag!
  5. I think the Legacy bag is a timeless classic, I would go with that.
  6. i like the legacy bag..but i love the shoes too...get both!
  7. Legacy
  8. legacy
  9. I vote for the Legacy!
    What color?
  10. Legacy!
  11. Legacy :hysteric:
  12. I have that Legacy bag and it is stunning so I vote Legacy!
  13. definitely the legacy! and white is a beau-ti-ful choice!

    if you truly want the watercolor and ask for it, you should get it

    if not, come to SF by whatever means and visit my store with your card! ;)

  14. took the words right of of mouth!
  15. yeah...im leaning towards legacy because im in looooveee with coach's leather :smile: