what to get in black patent: flap or clutch

  1. Hi Ladies!

    would like to know what you think would be a better bag to purchase. The medium classic flap in black patent OR timeless clutch in black patent?

    I would like to know ur thoughts on this. TIA
  2. What bags do you already have in your collection?
  3. I vote flap. I just got it not too long ago and i love it.
    I know alot of people love clutches, but I could never feel comfortable with it. I'd be terrified I might set it down and leave it somewhere. Also, I think I might get irritated having to "clutch" my bag all day. Finger cramping.
  4. Well I have a dark silver and a metallic black both in 226. i love them both and get lots of use out of them. i have other clutches which are really evening bags already from other brands like gucci but they are a bit dressier so i dont think they fall under the same category as the black patent one which really can go day to night right?
  5. clutch!
  6. ooh I am loving the clutch in patent, so she gets my vote! :biggrin:
  7. Timeless clutch in Black Patent is GORGEOUS!!! She definitely gets my vote! :love:
  8. My vote will be timeless clutch patent...it's gorgeous~
  9. Timeless clutch
  10. timeless clutch in patent?? BEAUTY!!!! :upsidedown:
  11. I vote the flap unless you already have enough flaps. I have seen pictures of the timeless clutch patent and it is HOT! I think the flap would be a bit more versatile plus you don't have the issue of fingerprints on a clutch.
  12. Flap!!! :heart: :heart: I have and LOVE the black crackled patent flap... it's truly stunning RL, and IMHO, has more of a wow factor than the clutch. :smile: I think the clutch in black caviar (which I have) is a bit more versatile than the patent clutch too... plus you may be able to get more use out of a flap than a clutch in general. :smile: Good luck deciding!
  13. I have a patent flap, and I must say, though it's GORGIOUS, you constantly are wiping off any printmarks from your fingers.. I guess that'll be even worse with a clutch. The clutch is also verrry nice, only this would make me reconsider...
  14. Flap from me - although I agree the clutch is amazing, I don't think a clutch style is ever as flexible as a bag on the shoulder and for me that matters when I am spending this kind of money.
  15. The clutch gets my vote