what to get in 08 turqoise?

  1. so i visited balny yesterday to purchase my first Bbag and of course like so many of you other ladies out there i couldn't decide on a color. i was particularly interested in the magenta, electric blue and turquoise but the waitlist for a turquoise work is a page and a half long and they're only getting 4!! i was crushed. but i'm dying for something turquoise. do you think i'll have better luck with something small like a coin purse?

    so many colors so little...money!
  2. I was told they already SOLD OUT of all the coin purses in the new colors?!?!?!?!?!?
  3. can anyone post pictures of the inside of the Money for me? i've looked all over the reference library but can't find any. is there a coin purse inside, etc. TIA!
  4. Here is the Money. You can view the inside card slots & zippered compartment.
  5. whoops! sorry for the double posting. i was just impatient. :blush:
  6. I didn't realize that they would tell you the number they would be receiving of each color/style. I can't remember what I signed up for in the turquoise - I know I have signed up for a yellow work w/RH, and I think I signed up for the turquoise in the RH work too. I'm getting really excited about the new colors!!!

    Just remember, the retail stores will also have the new colors, so just because BalNY says they are only getting a small amount, that doesn't mean that Neiman's, Nordstroms, etc., won't be getting some. ;)
  7. what!!!!!!!!! oh can someone please send me pics of what the yellow and turq will look like! i've been looking for them all afternoon!
  8. thanks aki :love:
  9. regarding the swatches i was also told that the turquoise is a bit greener than the swatch shows. the swatch is quite blue and more of an aqua.

    i'm having trouble deciding between turquoise and EB. i'm on the list for a turquoise money. i'm dying to see the color IRL.
  10. Please don't mention it Liz :nuts:
  11. OH darn only 4 Turq Works. Thats what I really wanted. Bummer.
  12. I know... I'm waitlisted for an RH turq work but it seems like they'll be sold out before they get to my name. I wonder if they'll be bringing in more since the waitlist is so long.
  13. lizthebaglady :
    I thought I saw a black & white damask this past weekend at Neiman's in Tysons Galleria VA. You might want to call Barbara there and check.
  14. I want to see turquoise too!!