What to get friend who says she doesn't want a birthday gift?!

  1. My best friend is celebrating her 27th birthday this weekend and says she doesn't want anything. I do not want to not get her anything, but I am at a loss for what to get her. I think the whole manicure/pedicure is overdone, plue she is a hairstylist and her nails always get messed up.

    She is totally awesome and easy going and I want her to have something besides just cash in an envelope.

    Any thoughts?? :confused1:

    TIA!! :flowers:
  2. if shes your best friend i would suggest take out for dinner and buy her a cute necklace set or braclet
  3. Buy her some really nice flowers and a card. If she doesn't want a gift, I would respect that, but no one can turn down flowers.
  4. yeah...we are all going out to dinner on Saturday night and I have been planning all night to pay for her drinks (all of us girls will pay for her and her drinks..we always do that) but I wanted to get her something special. She does love flowers so that is a good idea!
  5. How bout nothing.

    I ask to not get gifts for Xmas and my Bday as I don't give gifts, so if I get one, I feel obligated and awkward.

    Why is she saying she doesn't want anything?
  6. I agree with the dinner or any sort of fun activity with the two of you--a night of dinner and old movies, a biking trip, etc that does not involve getting her any things.
  7. Definitely respect her wishes and don't buy her anything.

    Just send her a card with a heartfelt note about why you value her friendship.:yes:

  8. Because she says that she is going to be 27 and she isn't into them anymore as much as she used to be. I think I might just go with flowers and a really nice card...plus buying her drinks and dinner!
  9. yeah, everyone loves flowers :smile:
  10. oh I get those all the time...I ignore and get them accessories, or make up, or body care products...little girly things. Or a bottle of champagne !! every girl loves bubbles !! Yeah the most important is to show you value the friendship and a signed card with a nice note is really appreciated.
  11. How about a bottle of champagne?
  12. I like the card and flowers idea. Also, if you cook, maybe a nice meal or cake would make a good gift.
  13. Also, how about a donation to the ASPCA in her name?
  14. ^^ I like that idea!
  15. ^ Yeah that would be cute...