What to get for the girl who has everything?!!

  1. My older sister's 35th birthday is a week away and i have no idea what to get her this year! :hysteric:

    I usually buy her something i'd want for myself, but i can't think of anything i want that's under $1000 (meaning expensive bags :smile: )

    This girl has everything and can get anything. Last year I gave her a massage and facial at Bliss Spa -- which she loved. For Christmas I bought her two Me and Ro gold necklaces. This year I want to get something not as expensive, but still thoughtful.

    I thought maybe a Chanel compact or a Le Cresuet pot (both random) and I just have no ideas...She likes to cook and travels often (she's just returned from Canada and then she's off to Africa for a month! )

    Can anyone think of a special gift in the $60-100 range for the best sister in the whole world? Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, can it be a combination of gifts?

    eg Novelties Tote "world travel"

    Inside the tote, you can put a couple of items perhaps? Like a retro apron?

    What sort of jewelry does she like? There are awesome independent jewelry designers out there - I think you can find lovely jewelry under $100.
  3. What if you had a picture of you two from recently beautifully framed? I don't know if you have any good shots around. Or a picture of you two when you were younger framed?

    I recently snuck my grandmas wedding photo out of her house, which was like taped to a frame that was too big for it - it is an odd size, and from communist poland so they only had that single one - and i had it matted and a really nice custom frame and it was in that price range.... I also made copies of that picture and my mom is going to have them each framed for her siblings. Anyway, any time I've ever given anything with a picture has always been a huge hit!
  4. Just a few ideas:

    Retro apron $25 - a few selections here:


    Does she like tea or biscuits?
    Some choices here:


    Beccalights' candle tins - some good feedback (I read it elsewhere :smile: ) Smells heavenly.

    Does your sis like sushi? How about giving her a sushi card from Twinklecards?
  5. I would say something personalized.. a pic with a really nice frame is a good idea.. also, what about other things she likes that u can personalize?
  6. i'm the older sister that buys whatever i want... my little sister did this for me last christmas. it is honestly one of the top gifts i've ever recieved, especially now that she's 2000 miles away. :crybaby:
  7. i think anything with a picture is going to be a big hit the idea of getting a really nice one framed is great i know for my grandmother's birthday my mother got a picture of her and my grandfather turned into an oil painting but that is probably out of your price range

    edit: i just googled it and this website popped up this is not the same place we got ours done so i cant personally talk of the quality but its $99 and i think its a great idea check it out i know ours came out great

  8. How about some travel guides to Africa & a nice photo album to put pictures of her trip in?
  9. I think the unique apron is a kewl idea
  10. If she loves to travel how about a beautiful travel journal or one with a drawing book attached to it (if she likes to draw). I think they are some of the nicest gifts for people who travel and love to write about their journeys.
  11. How abt a basket or small travel bag w/ items she might need for Africa?
  12. How about a cooking class. You can locate a school nearby and provide her with their brochure and she can pick which class she wants. I have always had a blast doing this. We treated my friend for her birthday one year and we ("the girls") all attended with her. It was a hands on class and all the students ate the food together family style at the end. Also, cooking demo classes where you watch, taste and take notes are fun as well.:yes:
  13. i like a lot of these ideas, the pictures, the travel bag, but if shes going away again, was there ever something that she had always wanted? as a kid, it must be so silly to buy an adult say a i love lucy lunch box, what she wrote on her xmas list every year, asked for it every birthday, but never got it. it would be kind of an inside joke between two sisters. i also like the journal/ drawing idea. if she likes to draw what about some water colors and easel thats light and compact to travel with?