What to get for my mom?

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  1. Christmas is coming and I have no idea what to get for my mom. She loves luxury bags and I thought why not get one for her. She already has so many LV bags and only one Fendi. I decide that I want to get her a Fendi bag this year. The question is which one to get. She's 63 so I don't think she'll like something too fashionable. Any thoughts?
  2. How about the fendi B bag east/west they have some nice ones on Styledrops you can look at.
    You mum will be trilled to have a designer bag in her christmas stocking.What a wonderful daughter
  3. That's a good choice Saich. I also like the Fendi Bag De Jour for the more mature woman with exquisite taste :smile: Maybe something like this one, also from Styledrops: Fendi handbags Or maybe a solid color leather one if she already has a lot of LV monogram bags.
  4. Yes the Fendi Bag De Jour is a really good choice tpa190108 like you said excellent for a more mature woman. I am sure what ever you get her she will love after all what women do not love designer bags.
  5. I think that the de jour would be good.
  6. what about a baguette?