What to get for my mom..any suggestions?

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  1. I'm planning to give my mom a LV Bag. Damier, to be specific.

    My mom is very picky. She prefers a zip top, light and about mid size. Not too big but not small.

    I'm looking at the lv site and the saleya and nolita caught my attention. Any advise on these?
  2. What size are you thinking of getting in the Saleya?

    I have the MM in Azur and I really do like it because it holds a lot and I wanted something bigger than my cabas piano. Plus I like that I can carry it on my shoulder. I haven't found it to be too heavy when using it but I guess that depends how much much stuff I put into it.

    Does your mom prefer a hand-held style or one that can be carried on the shoulder? I think either one you chose for her will be a great choice. I do have a Damier Alma, which I love and probably use the most out of all my LV bags but I am not sure if this would be a consideration for your mom as I don't find it too small for myself but I am not sure if it would be considered mid-size.

    Keep us posted on how things are going with your choice...
  3. I think the Ravello GM is nice everyday bag. It might be leaning towards the smaller size but fits a lot; with an extra pouch in the front. The best thing is it's quite practical as it can be a shoulder bag.

    For a bigger size the Alma is also nice being a classic with a really roomy interior. Hope that helps!

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  4. I think Damier Alma could be great :yes: It's very stylish.
  5. Is she a handheld or shoulder bag person? I think this could be important!
    I love the Saleya (pm is great for handheld, and big enough for book, wallet, pochette, mobile, keys, mm for shoulder) and the red inside is so posh looking!
    Another great option would be the Trevi- have you thought about this? But it is a bit more funky.
    Another one would be a speedy in Damier. Does she like to have a bag with pockets to organize things in?
    I think it is such a great idea to give a bag to your mom, very nice, she will love it!
  6. handheld vs shouldbag is key.

    I did this for my Mom, I bought 2 bags and told her she had a choice.
    It was between the Trotteur (mono) and the Damier Ipanema.

    She took the Trot so I kept the other!
  7. Saleya!
  8. I was thinking of the PM because the MM seems to be long for her. but now that some of you mentioned the alma..I'm strongly considering it. It seems that it could hold a lot more.

    One thing about the alma though, it seems as if it looks so structured. Like you're going to the office every time you use it. Please correct me if I'm wrong because I've only seen its pics from the LV site.

    Could you post a your modeling pix with it? If it's not too much to ask :smile:
  9. I actually haven't thought much about the handheld vs. the shoulder bag 'coz she has lots of bags that are either handheld or shoulder bag so I think it's not much of an issue.

    Londonholly, yeah, the trevi is too stylish for her. And I can't give her the speedy coz she already has 2 of it. damier azur and monogram. I don't think she'd appreciate another one. :smile:
  10. what about the nolita? any thoughts on it? Or anybody has modeling pics of it? I also find it interesting because the site says it has lots of pockets which my mom would really appreciate
  11. I'm looking at the lv site again and i'm also leaning towards the ribera MM. It's just a few inches bigger than the speedy. With regards to size, I'm basing my decision on the speedy30. It can't be smaller than that but the length should be around 14 inches.

    Is the ribera light enough? my mom loves the speedy because of its weight.

    thanks so much for helping me out!
  12. damier alma not bad ?
  13. I love the ribera. The zipper is really wide so it's easier to get things out of it. That is classic. Me likey. What about a Tivoli GM? Will a Tivoli GM be too big for her??? That bag is also nice. Good luck.
  14. I'm a mom and absolutely adore my Damier Alma!
  15. The Nolita has three interior pockets. I love mine!
    My mom has the Damier Highbury. It can be carried on the shoulder and is a good everyday size. Not too big, not too small.