What to get for my FIRST super $$$ bag?

  1. Hi ladies!
    I'm new to this board and I must say...I love it! Finally, people who understand my slight obssession. :yahoo: So for my very first post, I have a little question. I'm relatively new to the handbag love. Among my few higher end purses, I already own a purple Bulga, small MJ (forgot the name), a black Gucci tote, and another offwhite Gucci shoulder bag. But I want to save up for my first >$1000 bag. What do you think I should get? Something with classic potential but not too boring. Probably a brown or other neutral color. Preferably leather and max...about $1200. I have visions of LV, Chloe, and Balenciaga in my head..but would love any suggestions and comments!
  2. Get the Louis Vuitton Batignolles Horizontal. 815 dollars at eluxury.com
  3. I think a lot depends on whether you're a logo kinda gal, or if you're into structured or un-structured bags. People who dress more casually or like the hip boho look really like Balenciaga...the City from the Motorcycle line is a great first bag with its incredibly soft, smooshy, and slouchy leather. A lot of Chloe's bags also have that slouchy look, though IMO it has more of a luxe Beverly Hills look with the bold hardware and such.

    If you're into the more structured, classic look, Chanel and LV are the way to go. The shapes are stiffer and they don't really slouch. They have distinctive looks and often display their logos prominently (or all over) so you'd have to be OK with that. The YSL Muse is a beautiful, structured, classic-looking bag that does NOT have a prominent logo.

    Prada and Miu Miu bags are beautiful too with a very wide range of styles going from structured to slouchy, but with Prada I've found that they don't retain their resale value AT ALL for some reason.

    My hope is to some day own one of each!!!
  4. I definitely don't think that you can go wrong with a Balenciaga. It will round out your collection perfectly.

    Can you tell us a little more about your style preferences? Whether you are more classic or trendy?
  5. Balenciaga!!
  6. I love both structured AND unstructured bags. But since my two Gucci's are both pretty structured..I'm thinking a more casual looking bag for my next purchase and maybe a nice structured for later. As for logos...I'm kind of on the fence with this because one of my Gucci's has very prominent logos and it sometimes feels like it's just screaming "Look! I'm a Gucci!". Ideally, I'd like a hip/classic leather bag with no logos that I feel only real fashionistas would know what it is..(I'm being a bag snob. :shame: ). I've had my eyes on the LV Damier Speedy forever but everytime I see someone at the mall with one..it looks so cliche. And there are soooo many knockoffs of the Balenciaga and I see them everywhere. But keep the suggestions coming ladies!!!
  7. Chanel Chanel Chanel or LV LV LV!!! either one!! good good good!!!!!!!
  8. balenciaga!!! i'm a little biased here :P
  9. LV ...definately...
    there r alot of choices in the price range ur asking
    and u wont go wrong with the mono collection
    good luck :smile:
  10. chanel or balenciaga.... LV's are good too... but more on chanel, next the b-bags..
  11. Chanel and LV certainly hold their value, but if you want a top quality bag that doesn't have initials on it and yet people will see it and know it's quality, I vote Bottega Veneta. their leather is TDF.
  12. I would vote for Chloe (Edith) or Balenciaga but that is just because those are on my wish list when I finally decide to spend over $1000 on a handbag. Peggy
  13. Chanel!!!
  14. Chanel or how about the gorgeous LV onatah PM or the LV leather pochette in Aubergine?
  15. I would suggest Bottega Veneta as well (I have the classic large hobo in dark brown, and it is just so understated but luxe, plus it is perfectly slouchy).
    But that would definitely run you over your budget...
    Since you want "obscure" bags that only insiders would know, LV and Chanel are not good choices. Try Jimmy Choo or Loewe.