What to get for my first Hermes item?

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  1. So I'm new to Hermes, and thinking about following items; Rose de compas 70x70 cm scarf in green/purple colorway, Hapi 3 leatherbracelet in black/ghw, Pavane leather bracelet in black/ghw, Ithme bendant all horn with clou de selle detail and une amour d cheval 70x70 scarf.
    So, any opinions for my very first H item? I want it to last long time too and be timeless. Tia!
  2. Hi! I think all these pieces will stand the test of time. For me, I would choose what I wear most as my very first item so if you tend to wear scarves more then go for one of those in a colourway which best suits a variety of outfits. Or if you like to wear the bracelets everyday maybe as part of stack then go for that. HTH!
  3. +1

    i started buying the things i'll use the most. My first H item was an H heure watch in BJ since i always dress casually. now i'm still slipping down the slippery slope, albeit in a slower pace now.

    Happy hunting!
  4. If it were me, I would buy the scarf as it's classic hermes. You can always buy the bracelets as they are readily available but scarf patterns change with the season/years. Personally, I love the rose de compass and it's on my never-ending list of things to buy this year!

    A little story, I never wore scarves and one day I was in Paris and bought my first H scarf as a souvenir. I had never been into the brand before but wanted something that would remind me of my trip to France so decided to splurge. It sat in a box for months because I couldn't bear the thought of using her. One day, I broke her out to spruce up a plain outfit and the difference it made was quite phenomenal. Next thing you know, I'm on a scarf buying spree which turned into a bag buying spree which is now an accessories buying spree......

    So, it started with one little scarf and now I'm hooked. I have yet to buy a bracelet because I have tiny wrists but after trying a bunch on in the store, I may be breaking my ban......

    Best of luck and have fun in your search. Definitely try the stuff on in the store and take your time in picking the right thing. Your first H piece will be special and could lead you down the road to H addiction!
  5. I started with an enamel bracelet and went crazy collecting from there.:lol: I have the Hapi and the Pavane and I wear the Hapi more.

    I think a scarf is a great first purchase too, though. :tup:
  6. My first H item was the hermes belt kit.
    i would go with the Pavane bracelet since you could wear it more often regardless of the weather than the scarf.
    and H bracelets are so much fun to stack with other bracelets and watches. Good luck! :smile:
  7. My first H item was a kdt in classic orange. I will go for the bracelet too because its something you can wear with all outfits regardless of season. Scarves are tricky to wear in summer. Irregardless of what you choose, everything in H are made to last for a long time and timeless.
  8. You can't go wrong with a Hermes scarf. I'm not a scarf person but I have to admit that when I downloaded the H silk knots app, I'm hooked. Will wait to purchase some scarves in Paris this spring (yea!!!):yahoo::yahoo:

    Lots of great choices. Do a reveal for us when you make up your mind. Love looking at other people's purchases.
  9. Oh, may I ask about size of your Pavane? I can only order from H.com and the only available size is the S, and it should be the smallest of all of those. I have tiny wrists, 14,5cm, so thinking about would S be too big for me?
    Why do you wear your hapi more if I may ask? Allthought they are both beautiful!
  10. my 1st Hermes item was clic clac H bracelet in rouge and I loved it! But at the time I was unfamiliar with the beautiful prints of the Hermes scarfs and I may have done things differently if I knew back then. I say go for a scarf they can be used in so many ways
  11. scarf ideal start
  12. I vote for a clic-clac or CDC :smile:
  13. :smile:
  14. Any of those items would great.

    My first H piece was a blk/ghw CDC and then it was a 15 year gap before my next (scarf and enamel). Now I've lost count but I don't feel like I've made any H mistakes because I really think about each piece on it's own merits. I'm not advising a 15 pause between spends but I would say go slow and buy considered pieces (which it sounds exactly like what you're doing :tup:).

    I would say an H scarf is the best way to start because Hermes is renowned for its silks, just as much as bags
  15. Scarf would be nice! I noticed that H website here in Europe has the Phoenix scarf in black colorway, it's quite nice! Hard time deciding, H leather bracelets are gorgeus too!
    Thank you all for opinions, they are appreciated!