What to get for Engagement Party Gift???

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  1. I am asking this for my daughter.
    One of her best friends is engaged, 23 years old and is NOT living with her fiance who has his own townhome, until after the wedding (he is the same age). They are getting married in August 2010 but having an Engagement Party in a few weeks and my daughter has no clue what to buy them.
    My DD is in the wedding also.

    Any ideas? TIA!!! :flowers:
  2. I don't have a suggestion, but rather a question about your avatar -- is that your arm/tattoo? I am dying to do this type of tattoo, but in white. Do you find it very obvious? Do you wear a watch over it? TIA
  3. LOL!!! Yes that is on my wrist :P I just got it done on Monday. I do not wear a watch on that arm though. It is a little obvious I guess but not impossible to cover up if one wanted to :biggrin:
  4. anyone???
  5. We got our friends a picture frame - which then I realized about 15 other people did the same thing.

    I understand the notion of an engagement party, but by the time you do all of those parties for one couple it adds up HUGELY and you can't think of what to give!!!!!
  6. Do you know where they're registered?

    (Are they registered anywhere?)
  7. hubby and I were invited to an engagement party a few months ago and I just gave the couple (who we never hung out with, future wife is a B*tch) a card and that was it. She did expect gifts but I thought why when they are going to have a bridal shower then another shower and then the wedding. That would have been 4 gifts and I did not see the point in spending my money on them.

    I would get them something small and not to much money. You're going to need to buy another gift again. If she or you are in the wedding they say you should spend at least $200 on the gift, but not sure if this is true or just something someone made up.
  8. i am having an engagement party for myself in two weeks. we are telling people 'your presence is our present' because, honestly, i hate for people to freak out about What To Give. i feel like it takes away from the purpose of the engagement party- to celebrate, to introduce each other's family/friends so that they've met before the wedding, and just to have a good time.

    traditionally, though, you do not need to feel obligated to give a gift. a simple card with a heartfelt message would be enough. some people do register, but are not supposed to announce it. the registry should be passed via word of mouth. i'd have your daughter ask the mother of the bride if she's registered. of course, you could always do something simple like a gift card to a restaurant or something, but like i said, traditionally, the couple is not to expect gifts.
  9. Thanks everyone for responding!
    See I always thought no gift was required either and my DD and her other friend (also in the wedding) said um no I think they are expecting gifts :nuts:
    I thought maybe I was just old, LOL!!!

    caitlin, no they are not registered anywhere yet.
  10. I like the idea of a card. If you wanted to get them a little something, maybe a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.
  11. gift card to a restaurant?
  12. I was going to suggest the classic picture frame! Maybe that and a restaraunt gift card.
  13. At the last engagement party I went to the couple got a bottle of wine which came in a box and a matching set of wine glasses. It was a nice gift, nothing too much once they also had the bridal shower, and bach parties, and wedding gift coming up.
  14. Thank you everyone for the suggestions!

    She likes the restaurant gift card idea I think :smile: