What to get for EGC? I am torn!!!

  1. EGC is comming up, have 2 Chanel on hold for me, and I can't decide between them: Padded Envelope in Jumbo Grey and Glazed Caviar Modern Chain hobo in brown as well as LV Suhali Lockit PM....I can only get one of them, but being a Gemini, I need as many input as possible to decide and it's only fair if i give Chanel lover to voice the opinion!

    To avoid confusion or double vote here's the link to my post in LV forum Chanel/LV .

    My current Chanel collection consists of: Timeless-White GST in WH, black PST in gh, med pink caviar flap in gh, black jumbo caviar flap in gh. White EW caviar flap w/Bijou(sp?) chain, Precious symbol tote in black canvas.

    I doubt i can find any of the 3 on second hand market, so it's really a tough choice!:crybaby:
  2. I'd get the modern chain.
  3. Modern chain!
  4. MC hobo....i don't really adore the envelope.
  5. Chanel MC or LV Suhali
  6. MC definitely! I love the way it looks!!!!! Go go and bring back pictures
  7. It'd be helpful if you can vote via the link, so i can keep track of the winner :smile:
  8. oh classic chic, haven't seen u for a while ! I would go for the MC:smile:
  9. *wave* lol i know, was in a car accident back in july, and now i am on a speedy recovery :yes:, too bad i didn't loose any weight eating those hopsital food.......:yucky:
  10. I'd get the MC or the Lockit
  11. I don't think LV is eligible for EGC. That might help your decision somewhat. :drool:

  12. correct, but if i do plan the get a chanel, it'd be qualify fir EGC, i am also thinking about Chanel long pearl necklace too....but it's half the price of the bags!:wtf:
  13. Girl, I am Taiwanese and Gemini, too;) hehe!! Nice to meet you here.

    I love MC tote the most!! I think it is so edgy!!! But..also Suhali Lockit is so classic......but sadly they dont hold the resell value at all, if you will ever consider sell your bag, dont go with it. :sad:
  14. I like the modern chain, how much is the hobo?
  15. glad to know you are ok. I also vote for the MC hobo.