What to get for credit cards

  1. What would be the best LV for me? I carry a wallet but never use it for anything but my credit cards. I stash my money in a zipper pocket of whatever purse I carry. I just want something that has plenty of card slots.
  2. koala has the most cc slots at 9...comes in all lines as well.
  3. I bought that one years ago and returned it because the thickness of multiple credit cards made it lose its shape. That's the best way I can think of to describe it anyway.

    I always liked the business card holder for something to just shove them all into, but if slots are required, you do end up with a bigger and/or bulkier item.

  4. What about a ludlow. it can squeeze in at least 11 cards with 3 slots and a gusseted section.
  5. ohhh that sounds good. the more slots the better
    thank you all!