What to get for a Second Tano??

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  1. Hi Ladies! I posted this on an existing thread (sorry for the duplication :s), but I thought I'd start a new one to get a little more feedback...

    So I'm looking to buy another Tano. My first was an Anti-Chic in Blueberry (a surprise Christmas gift!) - I love the color and its relative simplicity, and definitely the size, but I'm not a fan of the short strap drop or it's lack of structure. (I wrote more about it here; pics here). That said, I'm ready for another! Help!

    The top of my list are Biker Babe and Boogie Bucket - it seems like everyone needs at least one Boogie ;). I originally wanted to get the Biker Babe b/c of its possible cinching, but from the reviews I read on this forum, it doesn't really work that well.

    I'm also wanting an orange color - how do you ladies feel about the orange colors (whether Mandarin from the fall or Orange Peel for the spring)? I'm not a basic color person, and really prefer to avoid browns or blacks when it comes to my handbags. I like rich statement colors, but neutral enough to wear with multiple outfits. My first handbag (that woefully started my handbag obsession:yahoo:) was a fantastic crocodile print in green with navy trim from Banana Republic's 2008 Spring line - I wore it with virutually everything. Then, I got my Blueberry Tano, which has since supplanted it. (I really should rotate...) As for style, I like them sleek but with a little bit of detail/hardware - something just a little funky but not over the top. Do any of you more experienced Tano owners/obsessers have any other suggestions?

  2. I would definitely recommend the Boogie Bucket. The strap is long enough and it has just enough structure. And it's definitely sleek with the right amount of hardware and detail. I just picked one up today and I'm in love. I'm sure the ladies who have owned theirs for a while will chime in and agree that it a really great bag.
  3. Anyone have any thoughts on Steam Punk? Any IRL pics? It seems very similar to Boogie but with more hardware...
  4. I like this season's orange peel-it seems more vibrant to me than mandarin (which was also very pretty). The Boogie is a great, classic bag-although not everybody likes the strap. I'm also going to stick to my guns as suggest the DWAS. How about test-driving some of these bags? Buy from a reputable etailer, test drive and return the bag if it doesn't suit your needs!
  5. I'll be heading to Chicago sometime in the next few weeks, so that's a good idea. Does anyone know the best Tano shops in Chicago?
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    Not sure which part of Chicago is your destination but...

    Lori's Shoes (locations in the city and burbs)
    That's Our Bag (Loop)
    Irv's Luggage (City North Avenue - think they might be in the burbs too)
    Shebang (City near NW side)
    City Soles may have some (Near NW side)
    Glam to Go (Roscoe Village)

    If you want the largest selection of Tanos from the current and past seasons and have time to go to only one store That's Our Bag is probably your best choice

    Here's the link to the Tano site to the store locator


  7. I would highly suggest giving a Boogie a try! :tup:

    Boogie are AWESOME!
  8. I think the steam punk is soooooooooo cute, I love the grommets!
  9. How about the Every Stitch on MHB?
  10. Love the Boogie. I have it in truffle and use it ALL the time.
  11. thanks for everyone's feedback! i don't seem any closer to making a decision, however. dwas is growing on me, but only in the darker colors. not too fond of the brown trim, though. does anyone know if any of the spring colors will have black trim? i think i must have a boogie, too, but i'm back to square one on color... now i'm even considering the poptart in mineral yellow at thatsourbag.com. i love that pale yellow! does anyone have any irl pictures or thoughts about the poptart? i read elsewhere on this forum that it wasn't a very popular style, but i wonder why...

    i'm so indecisive! i think i might come down to me actually trying a bunch on in person. chicago trip this weekend!!
  12. I second with Voodoo - her and I are severe Boogie advocates. You should REALLY try one!!!!!! Tano seems to alternate between colors of trim from season to season. When i got into Tanos last summer, it was alot of dark brown trim. Then fall had black trim and light brown. Now spring seems to be back to dark brown. That's just the way it is shessica!
  13. i don't mind the brown trim on the boogies at all, actually, but for some reason it doesn't quite jive with me on DWAS

    currently deciding b/w a boogie in some color (mandarin or orange peel or maybe even black/brown...), crackberry in raspberry, and poptart in mineral yellow... what a crazy bunch of choices...
  14. The orange peel boogie looks really nice - I keep going back to the picture on MHB's website. And if you order from MHB you can get a 10% tPF discount and free shipping. And there's no problem returning it if you don't like it (I just returned 3 bags to MHB on Friday). I'm not sure what the return policy is on the sites where you found the Crackberry and Poptart, but if they're reputable websites, it should be ok. On thing I've learned in my newly found Tano obsession is that a hassle-free return policy is important. Some stores/etailers are just way better than others.