What to get for a newly sweet sixteen?

  1. I have been in the works in reconsiling with a cousin of mine. She is the guardian of her 15 year old sister, and invited me to her party. I haven't seen this girl in a couple of years, but I knew her pretty well, always tagging along behind us. She's a runner at her local high school, so her taste is a bit sporty, but pretty feminine. She's always trying to borrow my cousins bags, so I thought maybe I'll get her one. Her sister is getting her a dog, so it won't be like my present will compete. I know though if I getting her a giftcard ie. like the visa would be controversial because obviously my friend is concerned for the future, and saving up wherever she can, and would think it a waste to get a store gift certificate and I don't want her to have any reason to be upset with me lol, but I don't just want to give the girl money, since all she's been forced to do is think ahead, and not really living in the now, and would like to get her something under... 800 maybe? Clothes she would grow out of (still growing! lucky!), shes not fond of jewelry, picky taste so its not a good idea to get her clothes or shoes, but she loves bags, and as long as its a "brand name" she'll love it. If you could suggest anything I would appreciate it.:flowers:
  2. How about accessories for her new dog. Like a bed, leash, collar, toys etc. Maybe help her out with money for all of the new dogs vet check ups?
  3. LV speedy? or a pochette of some sort and a wallet to match?
  4. Since she is athletic, how about a giftcard to Lacoste?
  5. or Puma?
  6. Thanks girls!! I could probably get her a little bit of each, designer dog collar, cles and lacoste giftcard!