What to get for a first BV bag?

  1. Well now that I have my gorgeous Contintental wallet, I need a bag to go with it! What would be a good first bag - one that is casual and can go day/night. Don't really need it for dressy so that's not a worry. I'm not tiny - about a size 10/12 and am thinking the Veneta in either Ebano or Black. Would that work as a shoulder bag as well? Any expert opinions gladly accepted!
  2. The larger Veneta can be carried on the shoulder easily. The smaller one works on a small person, maybe without a jacket on.

    The Veneta is THE classic BV, but some other classic bags will work just as well--the Campana, Sloane, Ball Bag (to me this seems more casual than others). I like your thinking on the colors--Nero (black) and Ebano are great day into night colors that show off the woven leather. Have fun deciding!
  3. I'm not a fan of huge bags so which would work without being huge.
  4. I'd probably recommend the Ball bag for you, or the Sloane. Beautiful!
  5. Take a look at the ball bag. It's a great shoulder bag.