What to get for a first Bbag?

  1. Hello ladies (and gents),
    I've been lurking here and there lately. Birthday is coming up and I was thinking of getting a Bbag. First comes to mind, City or Twiggy - and which color. I'm very fond of the Pink family (soft pinks) and would like to have that, or do you suggest more neutral colors for a first bag? What else do I have to consider, leather, smoothness, veins, etc?

    Thanking you in advance.

  2. I suggest getting something you love. If you weat it a lot (I wear my red a lot) it can be your "neutral" bag. If you like pink, a new color is coming in the spring, or you could try to find a magenta out now. If you love it, you will use it. I think the city would be a great first choice in a color that you love!