What to get for a 3 year old boys birthday-Help!

  1. I need help!

    My best friend moved away after my wedding. She came back to NJ last month, and in 2 weeks will be having a birthday party for her twin boys. They will be 3.

    I went to Toys R Us- and cannot find anything age appropriate. Everything I thought was neat said a'4 and up'

    This is my only friend with boys, all the rest have girls, so I have to admit, I know more about girl babies than boy ones.

    Does anyone have any ideas for two smallish about 30 dollars each for these beautiful boys? I don't want to buy them clothes like I did for their 1st and 2nd birthdays! I think they would rather have toys!

  2. Little tykes makes cute ride on cars..Like fire engines and stuff for 3-4 yr olds....and they are 30-40 dollars..boys love that stuff..and you cant go wrong with outdoor toys either(Bats,balls,water toys)
  3. When my son was 3 (and 4 and 5 and 6) - Thomas the Tank items were the best. They have the trains and tracks, videos, etc. Huge hit with kids that age!
  4. How about Tonka trucks? Every boy loves those.
    You can also buy fun educational toys as well...things that teach them colors and such!
  5. We always get my younger cousins the Leapfrog books/toys. They're educational, and they love them.
  6. I got my nephew some cardboard building blocks that look like real bricks. I think they were from toys r us too! They do have to be assembled but once they are they are super fun and lightweight - perfect for building (and knocking down!) :smile:
  7. thomas the tank engine toys are great stuff for 3 year olds. there is a site called allaboardtoys.com that sells great priced stuff from bob the builder to thomas the tank engine.

    also you might wanna look into getting them some merchandise from the movie CARS :smile: i know it'll be a sure hit if those boys have seen the movie.

    educational toys from leapfrog are great too, but at 3 years old, i think they'd much rather play with cars and trains! :biggrin:

    hope that helps!
  8. ANYTHING Tomas the Tank Engine! Instant hit I promise!
  9. Playdoh activity kits $10
    Crayola Color Wonder set (and they have a Buy Two get one free sale at ToysRus

    Lego Building Tub for age 3 $15
  10. ITA!!!!

    I bought a box of 24 for my boys' 2nd birthday and they play w/ them ALL DAY as does their 5yr old sister!

    I need at least one more set, maybe 2.
    Here's a link to teh 40 pc:
    Amazon.com: Melissa & Doug Cardboard Town Blocks: Toys & Games

    I also agree w/ Thomas trains or a TRU gift card, I bet they'd LOVE to go pick out some toys themselves!:yes:
  11. Bob the Builder, Tonka Trucks, Thomas the Train, Dinosaurs, some books, Little People, Legos. Lots of stuff!@
  12. Look in the Playskool/Little Tykes section, there are alot of cool things that say 3 and up. As for suggestions, I try to buy something that will not make a mess, or is too loud - also, if there are younger siblings, I take that into account, too.
  13. My son is 3. One of his most favorite things is the Crayola color tabs for his bath, bubble bath, and any bath toy. I think they make great gifts because no one usually duplicates them and they make him so happy.
  14. BOOKS! i almost always buy books. kids get enough toys at birthday time...i always loved the books the best and they're the only things from my childhood i still have.

    usually i put a small stuffed animal or action figure from a favorite show (the wiggles is popular with that age) in with the package though.