What to get for $1500? Help!!!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    In the last eight months, I've been completely out of the LV loop. My last purchase was July/August of last year. I am expecting in May so the "nesting" thing kicked in and I was doing some spring cleaning and discovered that I have a $1500 store credit that I completely forgot about! Pregnancy does that to some people LOL. It expires in a few months so I need to get something soon. The only problem is I don't have a clue what's new, what's hot, or what my style is 'today'. Being that I'll have a baby to care for soon, I'm thinking along the lines of something practical (Mono?) and carried on the shoulder. But other than that, I'm at a complete loss for what to get.

    Do you ladies have any suggestions?

    To give you an idea of what my taste is like here's my LV collection in a nutshell:

    MC Lodge PM White
    MC Eliza Black
    Damier Tribeca Long
    Damier Speedy 25
    Damier Porte Tresor Int'l
    Damier Azur Speedy 25
    Mono Viva Cite MM
    Mono Manhattan PM
    Mono Zipped Purse
    Vernis Thompson Street Bronze
    Vernis Biscayne PM Indigo
    Vernis French Wallet Marshmallow
    Vernis Cles Framboise
    Mono Mat Shelton Black
    Cherry Blossom Pochette Rose
    Cherry Blossom Cles Pink

    Thanks in advance ladies!
  2. A Monty and NeverFull or a Galleria GM

    Monty GM $805 USD on Elux

    Neverfull GM $700 USD on Elux

    Galleria GM $1360 USD on Elux
  3. Neverfull GM for sure!
  4. The Monty might work! I liked the Neverfull when it came out, but I don't know how I feel about the open top...and the Galleria is gorgeous, but is it too 'glamorous' for a stay home mom???
  5. I vote for either the Monty or the Galliera! I think either would be perfect for a mommy like yourself!
  6. It seems you like small to medium size bags but now you need something larger since you'll be carrying baby items. I would suggest the Denim Neo Cabby GM ($1,790.00) which comes with handles but also with an adjustable strap for shoulder or cross-body carry. Cross body bags are ideal for mommies.

    This is the bag I would get if I had a baby. Bags with naked vachetta are not so convenient when you have a newborn IMO.

    You can see a Denim Neo Cabby GM here: http://let-trade.com/lettrade-4e.php?fn=ldeayz01
  7. You're right about naked vachetta. I am such a nutcase about keeping vachetta clean. Worse story ever, my sister's one year old chewed the vachetta on her brand new Popincourt and left not only teeth marks in it, but ruined the straps w/ drool and discoloration. She flipped out!

    I don't have any denim pieces and have wondered about them, but I don't know if I want a black denim bag (only one w/o vachetta). I wanted a fuschia denim baggy PM when they first came out. I guess I could also go back to Damier...I always liked the Saleya PM/MM.
  8. I think the Galleria is gorgeous and I love the feet at the bottom. But I'm concerned about spending that much $$$ on a bag that my baby might get her hands on, if you KWIM...the Monty is really affordable and could be tossed around w/o too much concern that I'm going to ruin it...something for me to think about... Thanks!!!
  9. Galliera!!
  10. Galleria or neverfull...

  11. The Galleria is definitely not too glamorous for a SAHM. It's a great looking bag and will perk up any outfit. :tup:

    A Damier Saleya or a Black Neo Cabby would be great choices as well. I have a Black Denim XL and LOVE it. The denim fabric is fabulous and low matenience. I also have a Fuchsia Denim Speedy but the vachetta drives me insane! :sweatdrop:
  12. That's true, the Monty is almost half the price! And it looks fab as well!
  13. How about some watercolor? :graucho:
  14. neo cabby, monty, or if you want something cute: tahitiennes! it has white handles, so that may be a turn off lol.

    good luck on your search!!! :smile:
  15. Galliera or why not get a shawl/sunglasses/ accessories?