What to get first....Wants over Needs!

  1. :rolleyes: Manhattan PM (something I WANT very badly but will probably only use 4-5 times a month MAX) or Cabas Mezzo (something I NEED).

    I want the Manhattan PM more but kind of need the Cabas Mezzo now for my lifestyle (running around this city with a ton of stuff) but I only have luke-warm feelings for it. I'm pretty HOT for the Manhattan.

    Thing is...once I get one, it will be at least 2 months before I can get the other.

    Can you see my dillema????
  2. I love the Cabas Mezzo! But if you're not feeling it with the Cabas, wouldn't you get the Manhattan instead? I think it's better to get a bag that you love over a bag that you feel obligated to buy. Maybe you'll use the Manhattan a lot more than you anticipated!
  3. I vote for getting what you need. If you're not feeling the mezzo, maybe you could find a tote bag that you love?
  4. check out the HL....love it...I wanted the Manhattan but too expensive this bag was a good comprimise :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: it....
  5. I think you should get the Manhattan...your better off spending that amount of money on a bag you love, than on a bag you don't like so much.
  6. I would get what you love first...I loved the Manhattan GM and didn't want to pay the higher price so I bought an Alma instead. I used the bag and liked it but ended up buying the Manhattan and I love it. I use it everyday and my poor alma stays at home. I wish now I had just bought the bag I really wanted first.
  7. Get the one you're passionate about first...the one that makes you go "oooohhhh" when you see it and when you touch it. That's what it's all about. You could always get an inexpensive messenger bag to carry lots of stuff until you find a larger LV that you absolutely adore.
  8. Go for love.. always !

    Just because, hey, you might use it more than you'd think !
  9. I think it's simple... A "need" should always overrride a "want." If you are running around the city carrying tons of stuff you need a tote. Maybe something other than the Cabas Mezzo since that one doesn't make your heart sing....
  10. I would get something I need and that I would use everyday rather than something I just want and use only few times a month. But go to the store (if possible) and see what feels right when carrying it. It'll make the final decision.
  11. Buy what you LVOE ;), cause then you know you'll use it!
  12. I think it will be far more satisfying to get what you want first, but it's definitely more practical to get what you need esp since you will be carrying the Cabas mezzo more than the PM. Hmm...do you really dislike the Cabas Mezzo? Is there other styles that you can take a look at that would fill your need and want at the same time? How about the BH? It's a gorgeous bag and it is practical? Or the Cheslea or MC Aurelia? Maybe try on more bags and see if there is one that is roomy enough for your day to day that you love!
  13. I completely agree. But if you're going to end up with both anyway, get what you need first then what you want.
  14. Get what you looooove! Otherwise you'll be plagued by feelings of regret and always be like "oh why didn't I get the manhattan in first place?"... If you get sth you truly love, that passion will stay on for many many years to come! All my LV's were bought out of true love and up until today I still love every single piece. Get the manhattan and find another lower-end brand tote or bag to carry around extra stuff..
  15. i love Manhatten PM.. its gorgeous and its like no other bag!