What to get as my first bag!?


Sep 24, 2011
Hello ladies! I'm going to get my first LV bag but am having trouble deciding on the bag and size! I'm between the Totally in PM or MM or the Neverfull in PM or MM. I like bigger bags but I so tend to put too much and make them heavier which then hurts my shoulder.... As long as I can fit at least a magazine in it I'm happy! I'm just looking for an everyday bag, I don't really travel, just shop! Also I'm only 5'0 so I don't want it to look huge on me!! Thanks in advance!
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Dec 11, 2012
I'd go with the Neverfull MM. If you feel that it's too big or you're not carrying much, you have the option of cinching the sides for a different look. The Totally is a great bag too. It has the most comfortable straps ever, no worry of hurting your shoulder with this one. Good luck deciding and be sure to share with us which you go with!


Dec 20, 2013
I like the shape of the Neverfull over Totally, but really appreciate that the Totally has a secure zipper. Tough decision!

If you decide on the Neverfull, there's a video on YouTube that compares the PM & MM :smile: she's about 5'2" - here is the link:


If it doesn't work, search for MelSoldera Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM in Damier Ebene.

I hope that this helps with your decision!