What to get Agenda or Denim speedy case pm?

  1. Hey guys ok i bugged u with the agenda question. NOw i made up my mind im buying something today. the questions is what do i get. I need all ur help!! ITs between The Denim Speedy Case PM or the Mono Canvas Koala Agenda PM . What should i get ?????? HElp pros and cons would help too. IM leaning on the agenda bc u guys gave me good opinions..... but what a girl to do ...........:confused1:
  2. Well... which one do you need more? Both are different items altogether. :p
  3. agenda. youll use it for a lifetime!
  4. Guess it depends on what you're going to use more ?
    Do you have use for an agenda and will you use it ?

    ^ if no then go for the speedy pm case.
  5. I would get the agenda. I think you'll use it more often and imo, it's more worth the money.
  6. Well thats an excellent question. THe speedy case just to have and its so cute and maybe for my keys and stuff cause its like a Cles right? And the agenda i would use too. But honestly do we all use the stuff we have or have them cause the are so nice? I would use both! AGHHHHHH so many desicions.:shrugs:
  7. Yes, the speedy pm case is just the cles.. same idea different shape :smile: and very cute!
  8. Oooh, I wouldn't be able to decide either!! But, I am kind of leaning towards the agenda!! I think you will get more use out of it in the long run.
  9. See aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh So many desicions . Thats why i need u guys!!!:sad:
  10. ^^ Lol
  11. You really need to know what you will use more often. I think you should get the agenda, because I think you might use it more often. I don't like the denim line, so that's why I don't think you should get the speedy case.
  12. Although it's called pm the speedy case is huge in rl...you could not store it in a pocket eg.
  13. It would be to big for a cles?
  14. they're very close in size.. its more the shape that is throwing you off .
  15. Yes, it's the shape...like the Berlingot the shape is at the same time cute and akward... like I said, it won't fit in your trousers'/coat's pockets, and it will take up valuable room in your purse. If you like a key&change thingy in the Denim line, wait for the Cles.