What to get a two yr girl?

  1. Hey everyone ( sorry mods if i posted in the wrong place) i was wondering what to get my two year old niece. Im dont have kids so i dont know :shrugs: . I leave Jan 26 so i need to buy something for christmas. SHe loves shoes but i really dont want to get her that. But please HELP ME. Thank you for helping .
  2. My daughter turns 2 next month and she loves shoes and bags and the toys that she's loving are her Fisher Price Castle, her Play Dough set with all kinds of contraptions, her little princess radio that plays music (and anything else that plays music [she loves to dance]), and her tricycle.
  3. Fisher Price Cash Register (only sold at toys R Us)
    Playskool Weebalot Castle
    Fisher Price Snap 'n Style dolls
    Little Tikes Tot Sports Bowling Set (my 2 yr old son LOVES this because the pins make noise when they fall down!)
  4. It depends if she is closer to 2 or closer to 3. My granddaughter (who will be 3 at the end of the month) wanted all things "princess" for Christmas. We got her a vanity, play dress up clothes and jewelry etc in addition to the usual stuff for Christmas. For her BD, we are getting her a computer (leapfrog). She also LOVED a digital camera (can't remember the brand but it was at Toys R Us for about $80) that she got. It's very sturdy orange plastic and takes real photos. Very cool.
  5. I second all of the above plus puzzles, foam blocks, shopping cart, play grocery items and baby dolls. I know some of that list sounds sexist but it's what my gd enjoyed playing with the most. Have fun shopping.
  6. My baby cousin loves all the Disney characters stuff, so when she was two I bought her an oversized Little Mermaid doll.
  7. I'm a big fan of wooden and cloth toys for young children, but not because of the whole lead-paint issue...I think it's important for kids to learn and play through texture and feeling also.

    Here's my recommendation:

    Books are always good!!
    Cash register
    Wooden Puzzles
    Maybe some CDs with some good kids music (I wouldn't rec. DVDs)
  8. My (2 year old) daughter is obsessed with this little vanity set she got- it has a hair dryer, fake perfume, a brush, comb, etc. She's also very into Dora and the Backyardigans (I swear I tried to stay away from this stuff, but it's like they have little radars in their brains or something).

    Like others said, books are ALWAYS good, as are puzzles.

    She's also into pretend food right now- she "feeds" us invisible "food" all the time, so I got her some nice, quality vinyl play food and some pots and pans.

    They also like purses at this age. She's already got two kid bags, + a cute Kate Spade ladybug coin purse I got her (I couldn't help myself- it was too cute, and on sale). That would be an evil thing to get her started on!!
  9. ooooh great ideas. SHes 2 her birthday was Jan 2nd. WOw i cant wait to go to toyr us and go crazy. Thanks everyone.
  10. both my girls loved purses and princes stuff at age two...
    they they also love to color very very much!
    You could get them those crayola magic crayons and pens,
    that you could get in sets with coloring books with the magic paper included.
    My girls really love them!
  11. My 2 year old is totally following in my footsteps and LOVES purses and shoes!! (God, I love her!) I've found that she tends to play with cheaper toys more than the expensive ones I buy her. For example, her favorite Christmas presents were a stroller for her baby dolls (about $15 max) and a little purse stuffed with lip glosses and flavored chapsticks that she applies religiously.
  12. I would highly recommend Leap Frog toys. You can find them in any toy store, kids love the toys and they're educational.