what to get a birkin or a kelly?

  1. hi ladies,

    i just joined this forum, i have been lusting for a birkin for a long time, last week the SA at hermes called and informed me that there is an orange birkin at the store, but i have been looking at the pictures in the forum and i fell in love with a gold birkin but i also love the black kelly and since i only have a budget for one i need some insights from the experts!
    pls help me.
  2. I think you posted in the wrong place. But, let me see how I can help. First, these bags (as you know) are *very* expensive, and meant to be treaured forever. settling for a color you do not love is not a great idea. In terms of birkin vs. kelly...it probably depends on your lifestyle and which look you prefer. The birkin is more casual, easier to carry, get stuff in and out of, and feels to me more like an everyday bag. In fact, I carry mine every day. my first birkin was black, and my second was gold. The gold one is absolutely perfect and I love it. I think if one were to have 2 bags from Hermes, I think the ideal pair would be a black kelly for dressy occasions and gold birkin for everyday. I love my birkins, and for my third bag would either get one more birkin or a black kelly (given my ambivalence, I think I'll act based on what I can find next!). the orange birkin is my grail bag. but I don't think it's the right one if you can only have one. Does that help?
  3. you posted this in the wrong area
  4. i realized that i posted on the wrong site too late, anyway thanks for the advice audrey hepburn, i called my SA yesterday and asked him to put me also in the call list in case they get a black kelly, i love both styles and cant decide which one to get, so will just purchase both ( my husband ok'ed it ), thanks again for your input.