What to Eye Shadow to Wear with a Red Shirt


May 10, 2007
I'm planning on wearing a red kimono top w/ a black camisole tomorrow, what color eye shadow would you suggest? The kimono is a true red... I have nearly every shade of shadow there is, so the posiblities are endless. Shades of cocoa? How about greens or maybe grey... btw, I have blonde hair, fair skin and grey eyes. I'm open for suggestions!:smile:
I'm also blonde with fair skin and green grey eyes- personally I'd go with a beige/brown but then I'm not v adventurous. Maybe a steamy grey/charcoal could look good too!
For something dramatic like a red kimono top, I would definitely do some dramatic smoky eyes using either charcoal grey or black, or if you are feeling more daring, a shimmery jungle green would make a really nice contrast! ;)
eye shadow should go with your skin tone, not match your clothes.

Can't it do both? I always keep in mind my outfit when putting on make up! If I am wearing brown, I use bronze eye shadow because that goes well with both my eyes and outfit. If I am wearing black, I might wear a charcoal or silver shadow and that also works with both my outfit and my own coloring.
You shouldn't let your eyeshadow match your shirt..it should look nice paired with with your entire outfit as a whole. When you wear a red shirt, obviously you don't wear red eye shadow. That's tacky..and too many women do it. :shrugs:
Yes, coordinate it. ^^ Something that complements it.
ita... that's why i wasn't too sure of what to wear. when i wear red it tend to wear browns or greens, but with black the sky's the limit. so i wasn't sure what would compliment the color combination. i NEVER wear shadow the same color as my close, usually a complimentary color. :yahoo:thanks for the advice everyone!!!
^ SO glad to hear that you don't wear matching eye shadow that is the same color as your shirts. LOL. If you ever run into trouble deciding what eyeshadow to wear, you can never go wrong with a light champagne/bronze color. Keep it neutral and you can't go wrong with that!