What to expect when shopping Hawaii

  1. Can someone tell me about the Hermes store in Hawaii and what to expect? Do they have any great bags? Let me know? Thank you!
  2. The Hermes store in Honolulu (the one across the street of the duty free shop) has a huge and great collection almost for everything. Plus, every SA is extremely friendly and nice! :tup:

    There is also one located in Ala Moana shopping mall which imo has less collection and so so service. LOL
  3. Thank you! There are two stores in Hawaii? Why?
  4. One for the mall, and the other to compete with all the haute couture!
  5. Have you been there?
  6. Yeah its awesome they even have a good selection of Birkins if you are lucky!
    Their scarf selection is wonderful too!
  7. Well thank you for sharing. I am going there with family and need a diversion for when a week together becomes too much!
  8. mmm...hawaii!!! :heart::heart::heart:
  9. Do you like Hawaii?
  10. Great shopping in Honolulu! I love HAWAII:heart:
  11. The Ala Moana store is fantastic and all of the SA's are wonderful, and I think it is a very large store (much larger than SCP or LV). Listen to wise Elizabeth. Just go!! Ala Moana is like a tropical Beverly Hills with all the best boutiques next to each other. And if you have a weakness for LV, their boutique is two stories AND they have slightly cheaper pricing than the mainland. No joke.
  12. :tpfrox:
    Wise shoppers thank you!
  13. wow, I was just going to ask the same thing! I always go to Hawaii for a week but I have never been to an Hermes and thought no better place to go for my first Hermes items then here.
  14. ^^ very true. They are so nice at both the Ala Moana and Waikiki stores.

    In Waikiki I actually saw a girl in a bathing suit and coverup, with flip flops and a towel, come in and buy earrings and a bracelet....they didnt seem to mind one bit!
  15. chanelover05 When are you going to Hawaii? You must let me know what you get or find!