what to expect from a styled haircut?

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  1. when you pay for a styled haircut
    does that mean they just dry it and send you out the door ?
    or are they suppost to iron it or curl it for you ?

    what exaclty are you suppost to get with a styled hair cut
  2. haircut + style :biggrin:
    I interpret that as turnkey - cut/dry/style
  3. I just ask the client how they want their hair styled. Most can be done with just a blow dryer.

    If you have very thick, curly, long, or otherwise difficult to manage hair, you have to understand that there may not be time to go above and beyond on styling.
  4. after haircut, you can specify to your stylist what kind of say, blow drying style you want to be done with your hair. whether just straight blow drying or with body/volume. ya basically they can style it for you.;)