What to expect at Coach Outlets Las Vegas??

  1. Hi there,

    I am going to Vegas next week and will be going to a Coach outlet for the very first time in my life! I am so excited! I was just wondering what to expect!

    Are there Coach shoes there? I really want the Coach Matties...

    Bags.. do they have larger bags like totes and lots of the signature logo stuff?

    Wallets... logo wallets?

    Motif... do they have any of the Coach Motif with the flowers and bumblebees? I have the tote but I would love the wristlet and wallet too.

    Finally... Prices: how cheap or expensive is most stuff there??

    Thanks for your help!
  2. i know that this outlet is famous for the siggies..
  3. No shoes. Tons of sig stuff. I am planning on going maybe on Monday. If you can wait that long I'll give you a run down.
  4. If you go the Premium Outlet it's about a $15 ride from the Bellagio.. the Fashion Outlets of Vegas is a longer trip.. but you can get a shuttle ride for $15 a person. When I went on Monday they had a lot of patchwork wristlets for $50, demis for $150, swingpacks, and totes. They also had a ton of the optic signature hobos, totes, and wallets for like 40% off. They had a lot of regular signature demis, totes, and satchels too. Scarves were $40 I think with 20% off. They also had the fruit coin purses and umbrellas on sale for $40. No shoes though.

    They get a ton of items coming into the store everyday so there will porbably be tons of new goodies when you go there!
  5. Wow! Thanks everyone for the great info!

    Marymoon.. I can definately wait until Monday :smile: Please let me know what you saw! I am leaving this coming Friday and staying until the Friday after so maybe I can even go a few times while Im down there :smile:

    I am staying at the Flamingo.. any idea how far the outlets are from there?
  6. You are going to want to take a cab, I am assuming. It's a long enough walk, plus it is going to be hotter then heck. You should check with the front desk at the hotel to get insight on the best way to get there. The city bus may run from the strip to there--to be honest I don't know. There is usually a small line of taxis at the outlet waiting to pick people up. Also, you will be waiting in line at a hotel for any taxi service (they are not supposed to stop on Las Vegas Blvd it causes too much stopped traffic) see if there are any other groups going to the outlet. If so you can share a cab down there. The SUV style cabs cost the same as regular.
  7. OK
    There was tons of stuff there tonite! I am rather new to Coach so I am not as familar with the names of styles at the Outlet now. They had a ton of Sig. stuff. Most of what Sparkles said above was still there. A good amount of brown and black in various sizes and shapes. Lots of hobos. A ton of Springy colors like blue, pink, yellow in many shapes. They also had a ton of great leather bags ranging from $129 and up. They had a lot of patchwork pattern that came out a bit a ago. They had wristlets for $30 and up, maybe a few around $25.Tons of accesory stuff like I-pod cases and travel sets for like contacts and stuff.
    The only clothes were a few hats and coats.
    If you could find pics of the styles you want I'd be able to tell you if I saw it. Or describe it to me.
    Either way, I think you will be happy.
    If you have any questions about bags, or Vegas in general ask away.
  8. I hope you had a good time in LV. I will going next Monday, I hope the heat wave is better by than. Anyhow, it's nice to know they are nicely stocked at the Coach Outlet. What time of the day is the best time to shop there, I can't shop when stores are too busy, I become a scatter brain. I'm hoping to pick up a brown or black signature hobo or tote in a medium or large size. I hope they have a good selection when I'm there next week. BTW any restaurants that you recommend?
  9. ^^ Go in the morning! I was there on a Wednesday afternoon, and another time on a Tuesday morning, and the difference was insane. The earlier you go, the more deserted it will be.
  10. I, too, suggest morning. Or eve after 7 (which only gives you 2 hours).

    Places to eat!! Yes. There are a ton of great places in Ceasar's Palace, a bit pricey though. There is a Margaritaville attached to the Flamingo, it is one of my fav places to eat on the strip. It is not way overpriced and we have always been happy. The New York, New York has a bunch of great places too of all price ranges. The Mirage has CA Pizza kitchen and a Carnegie Deli(the cheesecake is a must!!).
    As for brown or black Sigs you should be fine.
    I hope you enjoy it here. I will be gone for a couple of weeks to escape the heat. Drink lots of water.
  11. so which outlet carries the sig. line in Vegas?
  12. ^ Las vegas Premium Outlet. That's the only one.
  13. Wow thanks for all that great info... I thought there were 2 Coach outlets in Vegas? Im confused... can someone straighten me out? I thought there was one that was near the stratosphere and another one farther away.
  14. The Premium Outlet is the one that's actually in Las Vegas. Fashion outlets is about a 30 min drive away in Primm, NV.

    www.fashionoutletlasvegas.com for more info on Fashion Outlets.
    www.premiumoutlets.com for more info on Premium Outlets.