What to expect after birth?

  1. Hi everyone again! I'm just having a relaxing time on my bedrest and I have many questions about childbirth looming around in my head.

    My question is to the mothers: what is expected from your body right after childbirth? Such as bleeding, recovery time, afterpains, etc. Will I be feeling exhausted for a while after giving birth?

    TIA! :tup:
  2. No worries, things are different after giving birth, but nothing shocking goes on. Have you read the girlfriends guide to pregnancy? It tells alot of the details you normally dont hear about.

    One word of advice, when they give you the laxative pills at the hospital, especially after vag birth, TAKE THEM, and take them immediately and frequently - theres a reason they give them to you, and I chose not to take them for some insane reason. Well, a few days later it felt like I was giving birth all over again (sorry, if TMI)
  3. You will be sore for a few days and you generally bleed for 3-4 weeks but it's not always super heavy.

    If you breastfeed your uterus will cramp when you nurse for the first few days. This is your uterus' way of getting back to normal.

    Your milk comes in on the 2nd or 3rd day and engorgement will be painful at first, but this goes away after a few days.

    When your breasts leak, the milk comes out of several pours (not just one) on the very tip of your nipple. It is yellowish at first due to the high amount of colostrum in it but becomes whiter after 5-8 days.

    It takes about 2-3 weeks for your, ummmm... bachina to start feeling better. It won't really be painful but you just won't really want to be bothered there. LOL.
  4. Every BODY is diffrent .
    after giving birth i was tired . and bleeding be sure to pack your own pads the overnight long ones, the hospital ones they do not stay put. use the sqeeze bottle they give for the bathroom. but you will want to rest up.:tup:you will be fine.
  5. Thanks, I'm definitely going to look at it at the local bookstore!!!

    And I'll definitely take those laxatives.. :tup:
  6. Overnight night pads are going to be on my packing list! Thanks!!

  7. That's good to know!! 3-4 weeks sure sound like fun.. Thanks Japster!!!
  8. One of the best pieces of advice that no one actually gave me was: your body doesn't necessarily shrink right after birth! I had a c-section and with all the fluid they pumped into me, I weighed 10 pounds MORE than before I went into the hospital to have the baby. I had thought I'd lose at least 10 lbs for sure. Boy was I wrong! I couldn't even squeeze into my maternity jeans to go home. It was horribly depressing. The good news was that after a few days, the water weight started coming off in giant leaps. Anyway, the point is, don't expect your pre-baby weight the second the baby's born!
  9. I wasnt given laxative but was told to take colace stool softener (unless that is a laxative?) I dont know. But I was achey and uncomfortable during the last month of pregnancy and I must say, as soon as I gave birth (at 3:30 in the afternoon) I was jumpin around and on my cell phone and feeling like MYSELF AGAIN! It was a wonderful feeling. Of course day 2 I felt a little more soreness but day 1 was great. I just felt like I was back!
  10. Oh and dont bother bringing a "pretty robe". It will probably get stained.
  11. I am exactly like this above^^^ I had a ton of energy and was ecstatic to no longer pregnant.
  12. To be quite honest, I felt like I got hit by a truck for a few days after giving birth. Every muscle in my body was sore!

    I bled for around 3 1/2 weeks after giving birth, but it wasn't anything major. I could have compared it to a heavy-flow day. I didn't like the hospital pads either, so I used overnight pads with wings (to help keep them in place). Some people worry about leaking in the middle of the night, and the best thing that I would recommend is to take an old towel and place it under you when you're sleeping, so that it doesn't leak through your sheets and on to your mattress.

    Every time I looked at Julia when she made a peep, my breasts would leak :shame: God, that was annoying. I did get good use out of the nursing pads that I was given. That stopped after about a week. I didn't have any problems with engorgement or low milk supply, so I consider myself lucky. We also didn't have any big problems breastfeeding.

    About the laxatives, I didn't need them. It was harder than normal, but it wasn't painful and it wasn't difficult. Felt like tiny pebbles, lmao :smile:

    Based on what you read here, you can see that all of our experiences were different and the best thing to do is to listen to your body and do what it's telling you to. :smile: You'll be fine!
  13. Buy lots of big pads and comfortable cotton granny underwear. Some nice loose shirts would be good especially for the first few days when you get really engorged with milk. Sometimes your boobs will hurt if the baby doesn't drink a lot so a nice hot shower will sometimes help relieve the soreness. Sleep when the baby sleeps. It seems hard at first but it really helps.