What to do??

  1. Hello my name is Mary Ashley and I am a fashion addict. Group answers in unison "Hi Mary Ashley"...

    This is one of my first threads though I've been lurking for sometime, so thank you all in advance for advice which you've given and not even known.

    My burning question is, if you were a poor therapist such as myself, scraping up $2000 to spend on a fabulous bag, what Chloe' would you get?

    Again thanks so much!
  2. This will be the weird suggestion you get. I would use the $$ to buy an on sale python Betty, really go for the spectacular. These are $4,000 plus bags that have gone at great sale prices, like half or less, $1800 or so. Alternatively, I would start with one of the current, new bags. I like the Bay bag a lot. Or, last but not least, look for a great color Paddy, like blue nuit, or whatever really appeals to you. If you can, go see them in person and pick it out for yourself, so you will know the leather is great.
  3. Hi Mary Ashley!

    Welcome to Chloe Anonymous ;)

    I guess it depends on what you want. IMHO, the 05 bags are soooo much lovelier than the subsequent years. If I had $2k stashed away to buy the Chloe of my dreams, I would probably search and wait for a Silverado in Python, either cognac or natural in the medium size or the Chloe paddington in craie or vanilla or sable in the box, loaf or satchel.

    If you want a BNWT bags I would go for the rouge satchel (which should run you less than the $2k).

    But that's just me :shame:
  4. Hello there Mary Ashley! Hmmm - you must decide what you really crave. I would need to know what kind of a splurge this would be. Is it an "I have been scraping by and living for years on canned soup so that I can afford a ....." or is it a "This will hold me for a while until NEXT month" The second mentality dictates getting something - or two somethings on sale - more classic and basic to build a collection. The first mentality is about the holy grail of Chloe bags - something really exotic and one of a kind.
  5. Welcome Mary Ashley!

    I was somewhat in your same predicament. I looked and looked online, and waited, ( MN, BG, AR, LVR, NAP ) trying to score a Paddy on sale.

    I finally saw, found, and purchased (thank you D&G ) an 05 Paddy. Wasn't entirely sure if it was vanilla,craie, or sable when I purchased it. (Turns out it's a craie, and I couldn't be happier)

    I was holding out for an 05 because the leather is supposed to be divine.

    Patience is the key -- the bag will find you :yes:
  6. big welcome to you Mary Ashley,

    I would advise, popping the kettle on, settling down and working your way through the Chloe thread, look at all of the real life piccies that people have posted, as, you will really see the detailing and quality that you just dont see on the store websites.

    The right bag will really show itself to you! and any questions or help sourcing it once you decide, just holler!!!! :biggrin:
  7. Thanks Ladies! You all are truly fabulous! Anymore, advice is always, always welcomed !
  8. I would get something really spectacular, probably exotics, I'd try to find python silverado or python betty on sale. Something outstanding, not like others, you know.

  9. ITA - with $2000 you can easily buy a couple of 'so-so' bags on sale, but you could also go for the one of a kind piece that is hard to find.

    It depends on what your little heart really and truly desires!

    I think you also have to take into account what you'll be using the bag for, how often, what you'll be wearing etc etc.;)

    Btw - welcome to tPF!:flowers: