What to do?

  1. So I am the lucky recipent of $500 in Macys gift cards. I've been thinking about getting a new LV. So I've been browsing for months and I still can not make up my mind.
    I really like the Epi Passy, but the I am not a big purse fan. My 2nd choice is the Epi Speedy, but I I have a mono speedy and would prefer a different look.
    I tried the BH and BV but the straps are a little short. The SA told me that they would loosen up but not sure if I would want to take that chance.
    So that lead me back to the regular Batnignolles.

    So the choices would be, Red Epi Speedy and Regular Batnignolles or the Red Epi Passy?
  2. red epi passy. Something totally different than what you already have.
  3. i also like the red epi passy.
  4. Another vote for Red Epi Passy!
  5. red epi passy!
  6. okay...another vote for the red epi passy! lol! whatever you choose, i hope you have a good time shopping!
  7. You think the BV and BH straps are too short - those you can at least pur over your shoulder, the regular Batignolles you can't. Guess I would go with the Epi Red Speedy or the Batginolles -have fun at Macy's in Oak Brook!!! They don't have the largest collection, but the SA's are always sweet!!!
  8. I could barely get the straps over my shoulder, they fit but it was snug. While I love shoulder bags, I rarely wear them on my shoulder. They usually sit on the crook of my arm.

    If I go with the Batignolles, I could also get the speedy. I like the passy but it might just be too much purse for me. And if I pay that kind of money, I would want to carry it every day.
  9. Batignolles reg and an Epi Speedy does sound like a great combo :biggrin:
  10. what about the smaller passy? i think the larger one is a little too big. anyway the smaller one is handheld. i LOVE a red epi passy i must say
  11. I'd say go for the Reg. Bat. and the Red Epi Speedy!!! The only thing better than a new LV is a combo!!!

    Good luck and let us know what you decide!!
  12. Red epi passy, man that's a full boat!
  13. hlfinn
    I am looking at the smaller of the 2 passy's. I just don't carry a lot of stuff. The bigger the bag, the more junk I start to hull around.

    For some reason, I am impatient now. I've been shopping for months and now I want it today!
  14. Red Epi Passy vote here too!
  15. They are all great...just go there, try them all out, and get the one that you :heart: the most. Have Fun!!!